Product Planning - Better with Visor

The Minimalist Planning & Tracking App for Teams

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Sync your Roadmap with Jira

Bidirectional syncing without configuration. Connecting your teams and technologies effortlessly. Welcome to the future of Product Planning.

Save time formatting - and reformatting - your data

Solving a decade-long challenge of Product Planning. Visor is dynamic - move projects around with a click and drag when timelines change. No more manual edits.

Get multiple views of your projects

Create Table and Timeline views for each of your teammates and stakeholders. Zoom into multiple levels of granularity. Finally, a much needed improvement to Product Planning.

"Never again will I have to get information from Jira to a spreadsheet and from a spreadsheet back to Jira"

Engineering Manager at Justworks

"Visor brings a level of transparency to our team that leads to fewer meetings: allowing us to build more, better and faster."

Director of Engineering at Facebook

"Visor seamlessly connects high level annual and quarterly planning to the more granular details of each sprint."

SVP of Product at Xandr/AT&T

"Finally there is a platform for engineering and product managers to obtain a holistic view of all projects."

Director of Product at Okta

"This has been a serious upgrade to our disconnected Google Sheet & Jira hacks"

Director of PM at HubSpot

"Visor allows me to give different views of the same data to different stakeholders, who all want something a little bit special"

SVP of Product at
Rally Health

Start roadmapping better today.

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