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Delight stakeholders and save time

Visor stays in sync with your nested Jira data, allowing you to
create custom views and visualizations that stay accurate.

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It’s secure, free, and doesn’t require a credit card.

The easy way to share your source of truth

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Visualize Nested Jira Data

Share spreadsheets, Gantts, and roadmaps that stay in sync with Jira. Visor’s bi-directional integration imports 75+ Jira field types.

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Make Stakeholders Happy

Create different views for different audiences in minutes. Add custom colors and custom fields to make reports easy to understand.

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Avoid Manual Work

Make reports that stay accurate without you tediously updating them. Visor’s bi-directional Jira integration also lets you push out bulk edits.

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Share Roadmaps With Confidence

Visor’s filtering lets you decide how high-level or in-depth your roadmaps will be. Rest easy knowing they will stay in sync with your source of truth.

Verified Reviews

“Visor is so much more flexible than any other JIRA-integrated roadmapping software I’ve used.” 🤩

Kemper R.,
Atlassian Reviewer

 “I’ve tried just about every roadmapping platform you can think of and Visor is the first one that allows me to roadmap at both the epic and story/issue level.”


Verified G2 Reviewer

“I was looking for a way to link Gantt charts to our Jira projects, but this allows me to do so much more.”

Nick B.,
Atlassian Reviewer

“Visor enhances collaboration and project planning with its intuitive interface and integrated Gantt chart.”


Shruti P.,
G2 reviewer

Powerful but simple features

Explore what Visor can do for you.

  • Smart Syncing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Gantt & Timeline
  • Collaboration
  • JQL

Two-Way, Smart Syncing

Visor pays attention to your data’s details, allowing you to share reports that display nested Jira hierarchies and dropdown field options. Two-way syncing also lets you make edits to your data in Visor.

Easy Bi-Directional Integrations

Connecting Visor to Jira, Salesforce, or HubSpot takes just a few clicks. Visualize project data from your SaaS apps and push bulk changes back out with Visor’s unparalleled bi-directional integrations.

Fast and Simple Setup

Many integrations are complicated to implement, requiring help from your IT team. With Visor, you’ll be done in just a couple of minutes. And if you have any questions, we’re just a chat away.

visor smart syncing

Connected Spreadsheets

Create and share easy-to-read reports that stay in sync with apps like Jira. Add conditional formatting to make your spreadsheets pop with color.

Filter Your Nested Jira Data

Visor imports your data’s hierarchies (i.e., parent/child relationships), allowing you to visualize your project plans. Add filters to show the right level of detail to stakeholders or to prioritize your backlog.

Accessible and Accurate

Everyone knows how to use and read a spreadsheet. But unlike CSV files that grow stale, your data stays fresh in Visor’s connected spreadsheets.

visor spreadsheet

Easy Importing for Jira & More

Because Visor connects to SaaS apps like Jira, you can quickly import the nested data you want in your chart. In addition, you can copy and paste from Excel or manually input your project data.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Transform your data into a high-level roadmap, detailed Gantt chart, or a Timeline chart with swimlanes. Visor’s intuitive interface makes it easy.

Colors and Conditional Formatting

Choose the exact HEX colors you want or use Visor’s color presets. Then, add conditional formatting so that your charts and roadmaps are easy to read.

jira gantt chart in visor

Custom Views & Custom Fields

Make custom views for different audiences using the same dataset. Filter out the data stakeholders don’t need to see and add custom fields to provide additional context. Color code your views for easy viewing.

Unlimited View-Only Access

Share the data you have in apps like Jira without purchasing extra licenses. When you visualize your data in Visor, you can give “view-only” access to as many people as you’d like.

Sharing Permissions & Protections

Visor’s paid plans also offer edit and comment access. In addition, you can choose to lockdown certain data before giving others edit access.

visor collaboration

Advanced JQL Importer

Combine multiple Jira projects into one roadmap using Visor’s advanced JQL importer.

Import Preview

With both Visor’s JQL and basic import options, you can preview the issues you’re bringing into Visor before doing so.

Nesting and Jira Field Options

You can choose to maintain or ignore nesting when importing data. In addition, Visor supports 75+ Jira field types.

jql visor importer

Accomplish more in less time

Visor customers have experienced:


reduction in agile planning time


hours saved each month


minutes needed to onboard stakeholders

Integrations That Actually Work

Visor treats your Salesforce data just as Salesforce does. When importing, you’ll notice we honor details like dropdown field data. Pushing data back out is also easy.

Visor honors all nesting and hierarchies while importing and syncing data. Visor currently accepts 75+ Jira fields and allows you to use JQL to import multiple projects.

Import your marketing and customer data into Visor so that you can combine it with other SaaS app data or create reports that you can share with other teams.

Features That Unify Teams & Data

Explore all the Visor features that unleash efficiency and foster alignment.

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Two-way Jira Syncing

Visor honors Jira nesting, making it easy to import, visualize, and edit Jira data.

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Easy Drag-and-Drop

Anyone can use Visor’s flexible and intuitive workspace. Getting started is simple and easy.

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Accurate Custom Views

Create spreadsheets, Gantts, and other views that stay accurate without manual work.

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Share, edit, and sort through project data using Visor’s table view.

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Gantt Charts

Create colorful Gantt charts and roadmaps with the level of detail your audience needs.

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Timeline Charts

Agile teams can see who is doing what with Timeline’s swimlanes and Jira Sprint fields.

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Connected Fields

Visor connects to 75+ types of Jira fields and Jira nesting. Import Epics, Stories, Tasks, and more.

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Custom Fields

Provide additional information along with your Jira data using custom fields.

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Secure Sharing

Decide who gets edit, comment, or view access to your data and what data is un-editable.

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