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Visor for PMs

Stop creating spreadsheets and exports that get stale. Customize your perfect process without leaving your Jira data behind.

What will you build?

Unleash your power to improve your productivity

and collaboration.
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Design new workflows

 with custom fields

Combine live SaaS app data with your own custom fields to create the perfect workflow solution, designed by you.
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Optimize your meetings

 with the perfect view

Customize the view type, formatting, and columns to make your meetings more productive. All tabs remain in sync with each other.
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Draw the right attention

 with powerful formatting

When attention is a limited resource, conditional formatting helps draw focus where you need it.

Connect with one click

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Work 10x faster

 with spreadsheet power

Update dozens of Jira tickets in one, fluid motion. Or create Salesforce contacts effortlessly. What could you do faster with your SaaS app data editable in a spreadsheet?
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Give secure access

 with advanced configuration

Provide read-only or read & write access to your workbooks. You can even let collaborators make changes to your SaaS app data that will sync back.
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Put an end to copy-paste drama.
Visor keeps your spreadsheet data in sync with your Jira data so you can focus on work, not data entry.

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Centralize conversations

 with in-context comments

Involve your collaborators, clients, or executives in the conversation. Or provide more context on your information.
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