Sync your data.
Sync your team.

Visor helps you make smarter decisions by bringing your data and team together.

It's a revolutionary new way to work with important data that makes anyone a data scientist.

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The most immersive two-way syncing experience

combined with everything you love about spreadsheets.

It's hard coming together when everyone works in different tools (and now, different places). Visor lets your team collaborate across multiple apps at once. Our simplified integration experience empowers anyone to work confidently with live-syncing data from numerous data sources. The lightning-fast updates and rich collaboration make everyone feel closer together, even when they are physically apart. 
Thousands of teams are making smarter decisions using Visor.
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Everyone just got promoted

to be a data scientist.

Say farewell to complicated BI tools that generate dull, static reports. Decision-making often requires exploring different scenarios or adding new columns for analysis. Visor allows anyone with basic spreadsheet knowledge to pull in critical data and then annotate, manipulate, and explore it. Updates made in Visor push back to your sources of truth, making it possible for your data to be as agile as you are. (Lab coat sold separately.)
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Meet your new front-end for virtually any business app.

To the person who wistfully groaned, “Why can’t we just do this in a spreadsheet?” There's great news: Now you can.  Beyond reporting and collaboration, Visor gives you your own personal front-end for any business app.  Effortlessly push new data to them (as shown above). Or pull into Visor the data you already have.  You get the flexibility to work your own way, and your team gets the data needed to make decisions. 
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Your data is always presentable,

even if you are in sweatpants all day.

Tired of making custom reports for each stakeholder? The tabs in Visor provide unique perspectives designed for sharing, and they are built with live data that's always ready to present. Use filters and access controls to show the right information to the right people. Goodbye, fragile slide decks and stale exports.
Some of our most popular connected data sources
Issue tracker & project management software
Prioritize, plan, and share what your team is working on using live Jira issues.
Customer relationship management platform
Work with Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and more to show the impact of your work and simplify your workflow.
Marketing, sales, and customer service platform
Connect your marketing, sales, and support efforts by linking with Hubspot.
Want to see all of the integrations we have (and have planned)?
See our full integration list
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Welcome to the data buffet.

You'll be mad you had to do this the hard way before.

We bet you tried this before with other collaboration apps.  And we bet it didn't work out.  It wasn't your fault.  That's because none of them were built to work with data from other places.  They connect via "add-ons," which is just marketing speak for "afterthought."  Visor was born to connect. The revolutionary integration experience we invented eliminates the usual pain of mapping and syncing based on rules or triggers.  Browse the menu of options and just add the data you want from across your company. Then sync when you want. (Seriously, though, why has nobody else thought of making it this straightforward?)
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Migrate data with copy and paste.

Yes, it's that easy.

This isn't just a new tool.  This is a new way of thinking about data.  Bringing all your live data together into one place unlocks some really amazing possibilities.  Even challenging tasks like migrating data from one app to another is as easy as copying, pasting, and clicking "Sync."  
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You can uncross your fingers while syncing.

We'll make sure everything fits the first time.

You want flexibility. But your apps have strict data rules. Visor is built with data "safety bumpers" to make sure everyone can confidently work with data. This helps you pick valid choices, enter valid numbers or currencies, and fit within character limits. You'll never have your data get embarrassingly cut off mid-sentence ever agai
Different view types

Table View

applies spreadsheet superpowers to any data source.

Gantt View

makes even the most chaotic plans look gorgeous.

Timeline View

shows how it all fits together.
Launching Soon

Card View

provides drag-and-drop nirvana for dopamine junkies.
Why you will love Visor
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Confidence-inspiring two-way integrations

No other collaboration platform comes close to Visor's thoughtful integrations that give you confidence when working with live data. See all the right dropdown choices and assignable owners. Get full transparency when something doesn’t sync right.  Visor offers a true-to-source experience that gives you confidence in your data. No spreadsheet plug-in or retrofitted integration can ever match the experience Visor provides as a purpose-built platform for syncing and sharing data from any business app.
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There is no manual required

You already know how to use Visor.  Drag values down a column.  Paste data from other spreadsheets.  Sort, filter, and format with ease. Use the keyboard alone to work with precision and speed. Effortlessly manage data that lives in Visor or comes from your business apps.
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Complete clarity on synchronization

Competing solutions that rely on triggers and rules to sync are complicated and prone to accidental data pollution. Visor’s one-click sync will push and pull when you want, from one or more apps.  Or sync just a single row at a time.  Advanced sync options let you push only, pull only, or take advantage of special features, like hierarchies. It’s your data. It's your choice.
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Flexibility to work how you want

Everyone loves spreadsheets because there are no rules.  We wanted to bring that same carefree experience to those who have to keep sources of truth in-sync for the rest of the company. Visor is fully-featured on it’s own, with rich field types, flexible views, and a delightfully minimalist experience.  You can use Visor completely independently at first.  Then you can choose when and how to add synced fields from other apps.  Or vice versa: start with data from your apps, and add your own fields as you need them.
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Access controls to share your story securely

Multiple access control levels give you the ability to grant specific access to specific stakeholders.  Let your stakeholders view and comment only, or give them full reign.
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