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Smarter Project Roadmaps: Visor Introduces Milestones Feature


Building A Better Agile Standup Meeting Agenda

Agile standups are the perfect meeting in theory. In practice, they suffer from a lot of creep. Here's how to get back on track and have...
BlogProject Management

Conducting A More Effective Project Health Assessment

Project health assessments are how you know if your project is on track. Is your approach tactical enough to make the most of the process?
BlogProject Management

How to Help Your Team with Burnout as a Project Manager

Burnout reduces productivity and may mean losing valuable team members to turnover. Here's changes you can make to reduce the stress and burnout.
BlogProject Management

Agile Estimation Techniques: How To Pick The Right Method For The Job

Agile estimation techniques are many and varied. Here's how to pick the right one for each situation.
image collage from atlassian team '24
BlogNews & Features

Atlassian Team ‘24 Conference: Visor’s Big Takeaways

The Atlassian Team conference is a brilliant confluence (see what we did there?) of project managers, product managers, team leads, and admins of all sorts. A...
Company Updates

Joining Visor – Why I Jumped in

Master marketer James Taylor weighs in on why he jumped onboard the Visor rocket ship, and what's next for him now.
confluence gantt chart
Project Management

Confluence Gantt Chart: Your How To Guide

In this post, we go over various ways you can add a Gantt chart to Confluence -- even showing you a free solution that stays in...

16 Project Management Influencers You Should be Following in 2024

Whether you're delving into Agile methodologies, navigating leadership challenges, or seeking career advice, these PM influencers offer invaluable wisdom and guidance.

How To Start Using AI for Project Management Today

There are a growing number of ways to start using AI in project management. Here are some ways to get on the cutting-edge.
Project Management

How to Use Agile Gantt Charts in Project Management

Gantt charts are a beloved cornerstone of Agile methodologies. This is your ultimate guide to understanding them and using them effectively.

Your Complete Guide to Gantt Chart Milestones

In the world of project management, where timelines are tight and tasks are plentiful, it takes careful planning to achieve your goals. A Gantt chart, a...
Visor announces board view
Product & Roadmapping

Board View Alpha Launch: A New Way to Align Your Team in Visor

Managing a project without due dates can turn into a mess. But Visor's new Board View keeps you in alignment, no matter what.
News & Features

Think your PLG strategy doesn’t need sales people? Think again.

We're a product-led growth company. But we're hiring our first salesperson. Here's why, and why it might not look like you'd expect.
Company Updates

Visor Has a New Senior Content Marketing Manager (Spoiler: Its Me)

I’m organized. When you hear that, you’re probably thinking my house is tidy. And you’re right, but that’s really not getting into the depths of the...
michael yaroshefsky ceo and founder of visor
News & Features

Founder & CEO Michael Yaroshefsky Discusses Visor’s Journey

The final installment of On the Roadmap is here. Rae concludes this podcast with CEO and founder of Visor, Michael Yaroshefsky.
smartsheet alternative graphic
Project Management

17 Smartsheet Alternatives and Competitors (+ Pricing)

If Smartsheet isn’t meeting your needs, there are plenty of alternatives. We’ve put together a list of apps you can use instead.
stakeholder trust
News & Features

Stakeholder Alignment: How Project Managers Save Time with Visor

Maintaining stakeholder alignment during a project's lifecycle can prove challenging to project mangers. These Visor tips will help make that process easier.
chris cooke interview
News & Features

Serial Tech Entrepreneur Chris Cooke Talks About Leadership & Empathy

Rae chats with serial tech entrepreneur Chris Cooke about empathy as a leader and the mindset Chris cultivated while creating two Atlassian Platinum vendors.
zapier alternatives
Project Management

11 Zapier Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

Automations and integrations can power your workflow. Here we go through some of the best alternatives to Zapier.
katie silver senior atlassian product manager
News & Features

Atlassian Senior Product Manager Katie Silver Discusses Her Career Journey

In this episode of Visor’s podcast, “On the Roadmap,” host Rae Foote chats with Katie Silver, a Senior Product Manager at Atlassian about how to avoid...
google sheets alternatives
Project Management

Top 11 Google Sheets Alternatives to Try in 2024

Spreadsheets are a business essential for keeping your data organized. And the current King of the Spreadsheet is Google Sheets. That being said, there are reasons...
view settings feature in visor
News & Features

View Settings: Instantly Understand Your Workbook Data

Visor's new View Settings feature makes it easier to share Custom Views with stakeholders. Let's explore!
invision bubble burst
News & Features

What actually popped InVision’s billion-dollar bubble (Hint: it wasn’t Figma)

Nobody would have guessed that seven years after InVision’s meteoric rise, it would be labeled “the Myspace of design tools.” Visor CEO explains what happened.
sajit nair interview
News & Features

Sajit Nair Discusses the Importance of Community & Time Management

Atlassian Community Leader and Creator, Sajit Nair, talks about why he invests his time in community and offers tips for others.

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