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Project Management

The spreadsheet-inspired
workspace for collaboration

The simplicity of a spreadsheet — but far more adaptable.
Save time and keep stakeholders in the loop by connecting apps like Jira to Visor.

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Two-Way Smart Syncing

Visor respects how you set up data in your SaaS apps. Jira nesting, dropdown field options, and other details will display and function in Visor just as you intended.

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Bi-Directional Integrations

Import the data you have in popular SaaS apps like Jira, Salesforce, and HubSpot in just a few clicks. Visor’s integrations make it easy to visualize and edit your data.

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Connected Spreadsheets

Create and share spreadsheets that are colorful, customizable, and connected to your SaaS apps. Visor displays your data’s structure and supports 75+ Jira field types.

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Gantt and Timeline Charts with Milestones

Transform your Jira data into a shareable roadmap for stakeholders, a high-level Gantt for your CEO, or a Timeline chart with swimlanes for capacity planning.

Quarterly Roadmap

Different views for different audiences

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Custom Views for Collaboration

Reimagine your single source of truth in numerous ways. Turn your project data into a custom view using Visor’s intuitive formatting, filtering, and custom fields.

Conditional Formatting

Make it easy for stakeholders to understand your project data at a glance. Select the colors you want based on the criteria you set with conditional formatting.


Offer the right level of detail to stakeholders with filters. Deliver a high-level Gantt to your CEO using the same dataset you use to prioritize your backlog.

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Custom Fields

Provide context and clarity to collaborators with custom fields. Supplement Jira fields with additional text, dropdown, date, or number fields you create in Visor.

Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Ditch complex Gantt chart and roadmap tools that require extensive training.
With Visor, you can get started right away thanks to an intuitive interface and easy onboarding.

Collaboration is easy and secure

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Sharing Permissions

Visor offers unlimited view-only access to your workbooks for free. You can also give others edit or comment access with Visor’s Pro Plan.

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Data Field Protections

Select the data you want to secure before sharing. Even if you give others edit access to your Visor workbook, you can lock down the data you want to remain untouched.

JQL Importing

Provide stakeholders with the big picture; Visor’s JQL importing lets you bring in multiple projects into one roadmap.

Export and Embed Options

Export your workbooks as a CSV, JPG, PNG, or PDF file. You can also embed your spreadsheets and Gantt charts into a page or wiki.

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