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Conducting A More Effective Project Health Assessment

Project health assessments are how you know if your project is on track. Is your approach tactical enough to make the most of the process?
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How to Help Your Team with Burnout as a Project Manager

Burnout reduces productivity and may mean losing valuable team members to turnover. Here's changes you can make to reduce the stress and burnout.
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Agile Estimation Techniques: How To Pick The Right Method For The Job

Agile estimation techniques are many and varied. Here's how to pick the right one for each situation.
confluence gantt chart
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Confluence Gantt Chart: Your How To Guide

In this post, we go over various ways you can add a Gantt chart to Confluence -- even showing you a free solution that stays in...
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How to Use Agile Gantt Charts in Project Management

Gantt charts are a beloved cornerstone of Agile methodologies. This is your ultimate guide to understanding them and using them effectively.
smartsheet alternative graphic
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17 Smartsheet Alternatives and Competitors (+ Pricing)

If Smartsheet isn’t meeting your needs, there are plenty of alternatives. We’ve put together a list of apps you can use instead.
stakeholder trust
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Stakeholder Alignment: How Project Managers Save Time with Visor

Maintaining stakeholder alignment during a project's lifecycle can prove challenging to project mangers. These Visor tips will help make that process easier.
zapier alternatives
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11 Zapier Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

Automations and integrations can power your workflow. Here we go through some of the best alternatives to Zapier.
google sheets alternatives
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Top 11 Google Sheets Alternatives to Try in 2024

Spreadsheets are a business essential for keeping your data organized. And the current King of the Spreadsheet is Google Sheets. That being said, there are reasons...
agile trends

3 Top Agile Trends for 2024: Atlassian Creator Predictions

Get the Agile trends you'll see in 2024 from Atlassian Creator, Rae Foote. Rae also includes the predictions of other agile and Jira experts.
visor smartsheet integration logos

Smartsheet Jira Connector: Integration Setup & Pricing Info

Smartsheet’s Jira Connector can be costly. Here, we go over pricing for this add-on, how to set it up, and alternatives.
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Project Management Trends You’ll See in 2024

Atlassian Creator Rae Foote predicts with project management trends PMOs can expect to see in 2024.
Jira data export to Excel

3 Best Ways to Export Jira Data to Excel (+ Video Tutorial)

We cover the limitations to consider when exporting a CSV file in Jira, along with two options for getting your Jira data into a spreadsheet.
Visor Jira Integration

Visor’s Jira Integration: 6 Unmatched Advantages for PMs

In this post, we cover how Visor can help you maintain a central source of truth, visualize your data, and whole lot more.
visor jira integration

6 Ways to Manage Jira Projects Better with Visor 

You may use Jira, but do all your teammates? In this post, you’ll learn how Visor helps project managers collaborate and accomplish more.
Colorful Jira Roadmaps

Jira Timeline vs. Advanced Roadmaps: A Guide for Project Managers

After reading this post, you'll have clarity and actionable knowledge about making Jira Roadmaps that work for you.
Color-coded Gantt charts
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The Easy Way to Color Code Your Gantt Chart: Color Presets & Tips

Color-coded Gantt charts are helpful for tracking and visualizing projects. Here are tips for making them. Plus, a tutorial that includes color presets.
jira gantt chart

Jira Gantt Charts: Tutorial & Guide for Project Managers

Jira Gantt charts make project managers more efficient and successful. Explore a couple ways to make one of your own with this handy guide.
project management memes
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101 Funniest Project Management Memes and TikToks

We sourced the most relatable project management memes and TikToks on the internet and made a few dozen of our own.
color theory for project management
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Color Theory for Project Managers: Using Color to Tell a Story

When it comes to project management, data tells your story. So, how can we use color to make this data go even further? Find out with...
Jira Asana integration
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6 Tips for Creating a Jira and Asana Integration (+ Guide)

Discover the benefits of integrations for driving cross-team collaboration with these must-know tips and detailed guide.
Distracted boyfriend meme. Label on girl drawing attention: "using psychology to talk about data." Label on boyfriend: "Me." Label on angry girlfriend: "Using numbers to talk about data."
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Words and Numbers: How to Make Your Data Speak for You

Data is a way to communicate. Can we take what we know about communication styles and apply it to our data analysis?