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Smartsheet Jira Connector: Integration Setup & Pricing Info

Smartsheet is a work management platform that lets you assign tasks, track projects, and manage calendars. As you may have guessed by the name, the way users manage their work is largely through spreadsheets. 

Atlassian’s Jira on the other hand, is a software that’s focused more on bug and issue tracking and agile project management. It’s got a more targeted user group, but it’s often a must-have for software development teams.

Both can be used for project management, and they can also be combined together, allowing the software teams that prefer Jira to work with the other teams at your organization that are already using Smartsheet. 

If you’re trying to decide if Smartsheet is the right choice for you then you should also look at our post on Smartsheet alternatives, and see if there might be a better partner solution for your Jira instance.

In this post we’re going to dive into:

  • Typical pricing for the Smartsheet Jira Connector
  • The pros and cons of the Jira Smartsheet integration
  • Less expensive alternatives to a Jira Smartsheet integration

Can I save money by using just Jira or Smartsheet? (+Pricing Info)

You may be asking yourself, if both Smartsheet and Jira can handle project management, do you need both? Ultimately, this boils down to your specific use case, but Jira and Smartsheet really do two different things and one can’t completely replace the other. 

Jira has unique features that make it well suited to managing software development, such as powerful bug and issue tracking. At the same time, Smartsheet is a tool that’s designed for collaboration and managing activities, particularly when it comes to making data easy to understand using spreadsheets. 

Because both apps are often needed, Smartsheet’s Jira Connector is a common solution. However, as many Reddit users have noted, this solution is expensive. And, this add-on is only available with a Smartsheet Business Plan (or higher).

Smartsheet Jira Connector pricing discussion on Reddit:

smartsheet jira connector pricing questions on reddit

If you’re looking for a simpler, less expensive way to combine Jira and reports, spreadsheets, and Gantt charts, you can try a solution like Visor.

Visor lets you create spreadsheets, like Smartsheet, but in a way that’s designed to integrate with Jira and doesn’t involve an additional complex software to the mix.

Can Jira integrate with Smartsheet?

If you do want to integrate Jira with Smartsheet, you can do so using Smartsheet’s Jira Connector, if you have a Business or Enterprise plan. However, it does cost a premium.

“4 years ago the pricing [for Smartsheet Jira Connector] was $7500/annually plus a mandatory implantation fee of a few grand, plus taxes. The next year it went up to $10k/annually. I’m sure the post about $15k is pretty accurate, if not low.”

– Reddit user, clownishness

This integration was developed by Smartsheet and creates a two-way sync between Jira and Smartsheet. In other words, you can update tickets from either Jira or Smartsheet and have the information automatically adjusted in the other app.

There are some important caveats when using their Smartsheet Jira integration, however. Let’s get into what you should know before you integrate.

4 things to know about the Smartsheet Jira integration

It’s better to have an informed integration. With that in mind, here are a few issues that Jira Smartsheet integration users have pointed out.

  1. You must have a Business Plan or higher & pay extra for this add-on.  Professional and Free Plans cannot access the Smartsheet Jira Connector. If you’re looking to use one of those lower-tier plans or don’t want to pay extra for the Smartsheet Jira Connector, you will need another solution.
  2. You may have some connectivity issues. One of the most common complaints from Jira Connector users is that they have sudden instances of the integration disconnecting. It usually requires some finagling to fix.
  3. The solution can be buggy. One user said, “there were so many bugs… my team spent so much time and effort in coming up with workarounds and writing all these different JQLs just to get basic functionality to work.”
  4. It’s not the best-loved integration out there. The Atlassian Marketplace page for the Smartsheet Jira integration gives it a score of 2.1 out of 5 – not the best indicator.

If you’re looking for a more reliable way to share your Jira data outside of Jira, consider an alternative solution, like Visor.

Visor’s integration with Jira offers spreadsheet functionality that’s easy to use and dependable, so you won’t be forced to implement workarounds just to get your data into a format you can share with others..

How do I set up the Smartsheet Jira Connector?

Still interested in setting up a Smartsheet Jira integration? Let’s get into how to set it up for your organization.

Before you begin:

Smartsheet advises you to do the following to make setup easier:

  • Check your firewall settings to ensure it will allow Smartsheet to connect. You can find Smartsheet’s recommended settings here.
  • When setting up Jira Connector, use a generic email for both Smartsheet and Jira, since if you use an individual’s account, your connection info may be lost if they leave the company.

Directions for Smartsheet Jira integration set up

Setting up the Jira Connector is an involved process. Normally, we’d offer detailed step-by-step instructions, but Smartsheet has already developed a clear set of directions to help guide you. So rather than recreate those, we’ll just link out to Smartsheet’s instructions here.

How do I access Jira Connector in Smartsheet?

Once you’ve set up your integration. It’s fairly easy to get to the Jira Connector. Just head to the Jira Connector log in page and select the “Log In with Smartsheet” button.

smartsheet jira connector log-in screen

If it’s your first time logging in, you may be asked to authorize access. Select the Allow button to give the system access. 

smartsheet jira connector screen requesting access to jira

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to click the Add Workflow button to create a new connection, or see and edit your existing Workflows. Once you’ve created or begun to edit a workflow, you’ll see the following options:

  • Settings: Set up a one way or bi-directional workflow between the two apps and choose which Smartsheet sheet will connect to which Jira project. 
  • Fields: You can map Jira fields to columns in Smartsheet here. You can also set up the direction of the workflow here on a field-by-field basis, so a Status field might be bi-directional, while the Name field only travels from Jira to Smartsheet.
  • Optional Filters: You can determine which types of issues will flow from Jira or Smartsheet. You can also decide whether or not to maintain your Jira hierarchy.

After you’ve done this initial set up, your Smartsheet sheet and Jira project will be connected, and information will be automatically updated according to the rules you set up. For instance, if you update a status in Jira, the change will appear in Smartsheet in about 30 seconds. Bi-directional fields can also carry information from Smartsheet to Jira in about the same time frame. 

Smartsheet Jira Connector Alternatives That Don’t Break the Bank

If you’ve read through the tutorials and the disclaimers, and you’ve decided that Smartsheet’s Jira Connector is too pricey or not what you’re looking for, we’ve got a couple alternatives for you to try:

#1: Visor

If you want the ability to create a bi-directional sync between Jira data and your spreadsheet (or Gantt Chart or Timeline), then Visor offers a solid option. Visor also connects to nested Jira data, allowing you to filter and format Epics, Issues, Tasks, and Subtasks.

Visor also offers their Jira integration and spreadsheet with our free plan.

Free Jira Spreadsheet Integration:

visor spreadsheet report

A few reasons to give Visor a try:

  • It’s easy to use. Many Smartsheet complain of the learning curve when it comes to getting comfortable with the product. Visor’s format is familiar to anyone that’s used Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
  • There are no Jira integration limitations. You won’t get locked out of a connection with Jira just because you’re using the Free plan.
  • It’s a strong integration that works well. You won’t have to work around bugs to get your work done.
  • It offers Jira-specific options, like milestones and custom color coding, that make your Jira data even easier to share.

#2: Zapier

If the Jira Connector isn’t working the way you want it, but your team is already heavily using Smartsheet, Zapier might be a good alternative to the native Smartsheet Jira integration. 

Zapier allows you to set up automations between a variety of services. While it can be a little slower than a direct integration and also adds a new subscription to the mix, it might be what you need if you need a connection between Smartsheet and Jira and you’re wary of the Jira Connector. 

Check out our post about the Jira Zapier integration to get more details about how Zapier automations work and how you can use it to connect Jira to a number of different applications. 

Conclusion: There are options to integrate a spreadsheet with Jira

If after all that you’re re-thinking Smartsheet as your spreadsheet of choice, you may be asking what do I use instead? 

There are the common spreadsheet choices, like exporting Jira data to Excel and connecting Jira to Google Sheets. However, these are one-way connections that won’t let you keep Jira updated easily. Furthermore, you’re limited in terms of views and formatting. 

So if you’re looking for a spreadsheet that offers some of the flexibility of Smartsheet without the complications or unreliable Smartsheet Jira integration, try Visor for free

Visor allows you to create a bi-direction sync with your Jira data in spreadsheet, Gantt, or timeline views. It offers the ability to add Milestones to highlight key, immovable dates. It’s as easy to use as any popular spreadsheet app and offers a reliable integration that does precisely what it says it will. 

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