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Visor Overview

Visor is the flexible workspace that unites teams by eliminating SaaS collaboration silos.
Unlike disconnected spreadsheets and complicated integrations, Visor combines three crucial capabilities into one product:

Visor’s 3 Pillars:

icon flexible to evolve

Visor is flexible to evolve as your project management needs do

Icon Bi-Directional Integrations

Visor has built-in two-way integrations that you can trust

icon real-time collaboration

Visor’s real-time collaboration features bring everyone together

Visual Identity & Logos

See this reference for all our logo permutations and brand colors.

Visor Logo


Visor Logo


Why Teams Love Visor

Our flexible spreadsheet syncs with your nested Jira data
and makes it easy to visualize and share project plans.

Visor is the flexible workspace that unites teams by eliminating SaaS collaboration silos. Visor’s spreadsheet is easy and intuitive for anyone to use.

Visor offers flexible two-way syncing with Jira, HubSpot, and Salesforce (with more integrations to come), allowing teams to share data and project plans with stakeholders, clients, and other teams.

Project managers use Visor to connect stakeholders with accurate project plans, roadmaps, and reports. Visor offers a spreadsheet, Gantt, and Timeline view.

Visor Product Images

Below are images showcasing Visor’s Jira integration and a couple of Visor’s views.
Visor currently provides three different views:
Table, Gantt chart, & Timeline chart.

Visor’s Atlassian Marketplace Listing Video


Company and Founder Info

  • Michael “Yaro” Yaroshefsky is the CEO and founder of Visor.
  • Yaro has been empowering “everyday people” to do more with the internet since a young age. Visor is an extension of his journey to help people accomplish more with online tools.
  • Yaro is a former VC who lead investments totaling $273M before pursuing an MBA from Harvard Business School.
  • Visor was founded in 2019 and secured $5 million in funding in 2021.
  • Visor passed 1 million cells of data transferred in a 30-day period in 2022 and saw nearly 2 million sync credits used each month by the end of 2023.

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