Trust That Your Data Is Always True

Visor’s bi-directional integrations maintain the integrity of your data, allowing you to visualize and edit your source of truth.

No credit card needed.

Integrations That Actually Work

Visor pays attention to the details, treating your data exactly as Salesforce does. Import and edit your data, including dropdown field selections and contact names.

Import nested Jira data (e.g., Epics, Stories/Tasks) in minutes. Visor maintains your data’s structure, allowing you to visualize project plans and push out edits.

Connect your HubSpot contact data to project plans you have in Jira. You can also make bulk edits to your data, including contact name and company name.

Why Jira Users Love Visor

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Quick and Easy Jira Integration Setup

Visor provides a secure connection to Jira with fewer steps than other apps. Import your nested Jira data in just a few minutes. And if you need any help, we’re just a chat away.

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One-Way and Two-Way Jira Syncing Options

If you only want to visualize your project plans, select one-way syncing. Our two-way syncing also allows you to quickly make bulk edits that you can push back out to Jira.

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Nested Jira Data and Thoughtful Importing

Visor respects how you set up your Jira data and will display all parent/child relationships. You can even import dropdown field options and 75+ types of Jira fields.

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JQL Importer for Combining Projects into a Roadmap

Visor offers a JQL importer, in addition to a basic Jira importer, for more advanced users who want to import multiple Jira projects.

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3 Ways to Use Visor’s Jira Integration

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Share spreadsheets that have fresh project data from Jira

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Make changes or bulk edits to your Jira issues

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Visualize project data in colorful Gantt charts and roadmaps

Verified Atlassian Marketplace Reviews:

“I was looking for a way to link Gantt charts to our Jira projects, but this allows me to do so much more.”

Nick B.,
Atlassian Reviewer

“I’ve tried just about every roadmapping platform you can think of and Visor is the first one that allows me to roadmap at both the epic and story/issue level.”

Kemper R.,
Atlassian Reviewer

“The integration with Jira allows for you to keep a central truth center, but still handle the many use cases teams have for roadmapping and backlog planning.”

Gabby C.,
Atlassian Reviewer

“Visor for JIRA enhances collaboration and project planning with its intuitive interface and integrated Gantt chart feature.”

Shruti P.,
Atlassian reviewer

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Visor is secure, free, and doesn't require a credit card.

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