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101 Funniest Project Management Memes and TikToks

As the famous pop singer Olivia Rodrigo once said, “it’s brutal out here.”

This line is especially true for project managers dealing with unreasonable stakeholders, unrealistic deadlines, and limited resources. (By the way, let us know if we can help you with that).

In order to help us cope, we have created dozens of original project management memes about relatable topics. We also compiled the best memes out there, along with some TikToks. Because misery loves company, but it also loves memes.

We’ll kick things off with the meme that acts as an autobiography for many of us and then categorize the project management memes by theme.

1. When something I used to do for fun and enjoyment becomes my whole career.

project management meme: barbie vs. oppenheimer

Deadline & Scope Project Management Memes

2. Shhh… it’s okay honey. The scope creep can’t hurt you.

scope creep meme for project managers

3. Hindsight is 20/20.

project management meme: Ron Swanson making fun of not being able to estimate projects accurately

4. When will we learn that optimism is our worst enemy?

project management meme: an astronaut looking at Earth, being regretful of a deadline they set

5. Time is a construct and the deadline is flexible.

project management meme: cartoon batman slapping a villain because the deadline keeps getting extended

6. Always in control, just don’t ask what the original deadline was.

project management meme: Maury Povich reading a lie detector that the PM didn't hit a key milestone

7. Give me attitude one more time, and I’m slashing your feature.

project management meme: Darth Vadar altering the project scope, threatening to do so again

8. Wink, wink. Nod, nod.

project management meme: a woman winking sarcastically about getting a project done on time

9. Work smart, not hard.

project management meme: Winnie the Pooh looking content about justifying a missed deadline

10. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

project management meme: girl looking at fire in background due to feature launch not going well.

11. You just become numb to it after awhile…

project management meme gif: a PM disappearing from shame after missing a deadline

12. You can do it all perfectly and still fail. That’s the gig, kid.

Project Management Memes About Stakeholders

13. When the CEO wants to look at your project plans…

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14. *Says Your Idea But Louder*

Source: Work Chronicles

15. Always go over budget and over time.

project meme: finish project on time and get punished for it

16. The only sane way to deal with stakeholders.

project meme: sponge bob looking insane thanks to overdelivering a project

17. The cycle continues…

dilbert comic strip

18. When Jake in finance has a feature request…

project management meme: goodfellas image laughing at putting a feature in the backlog

19. So happy you’re excited! No, I’m not crying!

project management meme: excited ceo announcing a company pivot as a pm cries in despair

Jira & Agile Project Management Memes

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20. Bet you didn’t have a “Won’t Do” status though, grandma.

project management meme: a grandma remembering running an agile team without jira

21. “It was in the Jira comments” Ok, Jan.

project management meme: austin powers saying he likes to live dangerously due to jira coments

22. If your tasks don’t have tasks, you’re not doing it right.

project management meme: a disheveled man explaining how jira tickets are in jira tickets

23. Random idea? There’s a ticket for that.

project management meme: pawn shop wars character saying all he can do is make a ticket

24. Not calling out anyone in particular 👀

project management meme: a woman spending all her time managing the project management software


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25. All Jira users speak the same language. If you don’t? You can’t sit with us.

project management gif: a cat wanting to talk only in epics or stories

26. Omg, I love when people make tickets just to close them. ❤️

project management meme: a man looking at you as he closes your jira ticket

27. Some people just like to watch the world burn.

project management meme: a man in prison for requesting without making a jira ticket

28. It’s called sprint rollover and all the cool kids do it.

project management meme: a man rolling over to next spring in jira

29. Not my inbox, not my problem. Adjust your Jira notification settings?

project management meme: a cat threatens to purge more jira tickets to an upset woman

30. My projects be too thiccc.

project management meme: rose of the titanic movie at age 84 after waiting for jira to load

31. If I don’t have a ticket, what is my purpose?

project management meme: man not knowing his purpose is because he has no jira tasks

32. As a project manager who can’t read, I don’t see the problem with this meme.

project management meme: king of the hill meme where project managers are told they aren't agile only because they use jira

33. Shameless plug.

project management meme: woman looking unhappy about editing Jira issues one at a time. Then, happy about bulk changes.

34. I will die on this hill.

project management meme: happy drake about jira issues with due dates

35. Agile is all about…agility.

project management meme: christopher walken asking for more cowbell

36. Either way, you lose.

project management meme: a stressed out man decided on scrum or kanban for agile work

37. Hot take: I said what I said.

project management meme: a man asking for his mind to get changed about scrum being the same as kanban

38. Blink twice if you’re okay, Dev Team.

project management meme: the dev team looking awkward with the scrum manager

39. Anyone not in Project or Product Management:

project management meme: pulp fiction scene with gun faced at man who keeps saying agile

40. We don’t know what it means either.

project management meme: leo dicaprio cheersing to a nonsense sentence about agility

41. Your feedback is supposed to be about how amazing we are.

project management meme: product manager shielding an agile coach from user feedback

42. We’re all mad here, but we wouldn’t choose any other way. #TeamAgile

project management gif: crabs partying on a beach because they're cooler than others due to being agile

Project Management Memes About Deployments

43. How deployment days look.

project management meme: oprah giving out features to her audience

44. How deployment days feel.

project management meme: scientist nervous about trying something new

45. If a deployment goes perfectly, you definitely missed something.

project management meme: someone up late at night nervous that a deployment went out

46. Why do today what you can put off til the next phase?

project management meme: phase 2 of a project sneaking up to the project being done

47. Best thing you can say to me in an interview, tbh.

project management meme: someone getting goosebumps because they're being told there are no deployments on fridays

48. Please let me have a moment of peace after the MVP launches!

project management meme: someone being upset after being asked about phase 2 after a prod deployment

49. All we want is a gold star.

project management meme: scene from don't look up about a man trying to impress a woman because of a feature he just launched

Memes About Overworked Project Managers

50. I’d rather just be part of the RIF at this point.

project management meme: child looking at woman skeptically with text on it saying he can't have the output of a full team after layoffs


project management meme: bernie sanders as a pm asking for reduced scope and more resources

52. They’re coming right? Right? …Guys?

project management meme: man waiting around for the engineers he was promised

53. There’s never enough people. Period.

project management meme: boss saying you're short-staffed. saying you have to do the work of 3 people.

54. When they tell you a new contract came in with another feature demand.

project management meme: a train wreck happening because of two competing priorities


project management meme: man saying that work estimates are too damn high


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56. Don’t slack me after 5 pm. 😘

project management meme: selfish boss

Project Management Memes About Working With Engineers, Product Managers, and Sales

57. Well-loved engineers meet deadlines.

project management meme: product manager and engineers getting along

58. “Customer is always right” (or something).

project management meme: engineer drowning, not helped by project managers

59. Eng, you love us, too, we know you do.

project management meme: engineer getting headache from project manager


60. Eng, it’s the bare minimum, but we’ll take it.

project management meme: success baby happy that jira board has updated statuses

61. Eng approval means more to us than you’ll ever know.

project management meme: vince mcmahon happy about developers agreeing with him

62. Product: Everyone thinks we have the same job, but it’s all love in the end.

project management meme: spiderman posting at another spiderman. product manager vs. project manager.

63. Product, I know the user’s issue is urgent but so is my deadline!

project management meme: product managers killing off projects by putting engineers on bug bashing

64. Words hurt. Users’ words hurt more.

project management meme: dog asking how many users were involved in product development

65. Project blames Product. Product blames Eng. Eng cries.

product management meme: pm getting blamed for poor performance

66. Product saying, “It’s on the roadmap!”

project management meme: a gymnast being upset that the project is ongoing


project management meme: a car making an abrupt turn to sneak v2 things into the mvp

68. Product: Why do they always want what they can’t have?

project management meme: upset project manager looking at a product manager who wants something out of scope

69. Hint: Sometimes it’s the little “O” after the “PM”

project management meme: genie granting 3 wishes to a pm

70. Sales: Maybe they’re just sensitive, idk.

project management meme: sales freaking out about gtm

71. Sales talking about why numbers are down in the Company Overview meeting.

project management meme: sales complaining about not having a feature

72. Sales: This is not Burger King! You cannot have it your way!

project management gif: talking to sales is like talking to a brick wall

73. Sales: Yeah, happy Summer Friday, guys. We’ll take it from here…I guess.

project management meme:  leonoardo dicaprio laughing as project managers go off to work

74. If everything’s a fire, is anything a fire?

project management meme:  sales thinking everything is a fire

Memes About the Unexpected and Timelines

75. You thought you weren’t working this weekend? Cute!

project management gif: cats getting startled by a dog

76. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

project management meme: a monster finding a bug

77. Someone else’s tech debt always becomes your problem.

project management meme: a problem arising in a project

78. Technically true, right?

project management meme: a spring going off the rails

79. “If you build it, they will come”…or not.

project management meme: a cartoon next to a sign showing users haven't used the features built

80. Famous last words: “This will be a Quick Win!”

project management meme: a frog upset that a task is taking too long

81. And we would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

project management meme: scooby doo meme about working weekends

82. We’re all in this together…as long as we do it my way.

project management meme: pm saying their schedule is the only one that matters

83. When the project plan practically writes itself. 😍

project management meme: walter white in breaking bad as a project manager getting the timeframe just right

84. I used to be a team player until I went into project management.

project management meme: planning the project and feeling panic

85. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

project management meme: delivering a feature built to scope

86. All I know is timelines and breathing.

project management meme: sponge bob character looking at memories of joy and freedom, but seeing deadlines instead

Project Management Memes About Collaboration

87. We just want to be included.

project management meme: pm wanting to be let into a meeting

88. You think we have time to QA? Oh, you sweet summer child.

project management meme: dev asking about testing features to a pm

89. The meeting that could never be an email (don’t put it in writing).

project management meme: a meeting where people blame each other

90. Too many chefs in the kitchen…

project management meme: dilbert cartoon

91. Can’t work. Must respond to Slack.


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TikTok Humor for Project Managers

92. Engineers love the stand-ups. Promise.

Watch on TikTok

project management tiktok: day in a life of a pm

93. I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m going to act like I do.

Watch on TikTok

project management tiktok: pov when pm is in meetings with engineers

94. The scariest thing you can do is ask me to commit to a deadline.

Watch on TikTok

project management tiktok: scared project manager committing to a deadline

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95. No comment. I’m too triggered.

Watch on TikTok

project management tiktok: kim kardashian as a stakeholder

96. Someone’s got to do the pointing!

Watch on TikTok

project management tiktok: family guy people pointing

97. I am a salaried adult babysitter. Hold me.

Watch on TikTok

project management tiktok: corporate world 101

98. You see all the moving pieces? Know why they’re moving? ME! It’s ME.

Watch on TikTok

project management tiktok: pov of a project manager

99. This is a low-key chill day, tbh.

Watch on TikTok

project management tiktok: pov pm's schedule

100. Sounds like a “next Sprint” problem.

Watch on TikTok

project management tiktok: dad jokes from a pm

101. No thoughts, just vibes.

Watch on TikTok

project management tiktok: pov of a project manager

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