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The Jira Visualization Tool to Gain Alignment

Visor’s bi-directional Jira integration makes it easy to create colorful roadmaps, Gantts, spreadsheets, and Board Views that stay accurate.

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Visor is an officially listed Atlassian Marketplace app for Jira.

Visor’s Jira Data Visualization Tool
Drives Stakeholder Alignment

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Quick and Easy Jira Integration Setup

Visor provides a secure connection to Jira with fewer steps than other apps. Import your nested Jira data in just a few minutes. Visor also supports JQL.

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Jira Data Visualizations that Filter Hierarchies

Visor stays in sync with Jira, allowing you to visualize data hierarchies (e.g., epics, stories, tasks, substasks). Add filters to help stakeholders get the right level of detail.

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Drag-and-Drop Simplicity and Color Coding

Visor provides an intuitive interface that makes creating a Gantt easy. Add color with conditional formatting to make your chart easy to understand at first glance.

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Jira Visualizations You Can Share With Anyone

Visor’s filtering and formatting makes it easy to create different views for different audiences. Unlimited view-only access makes sharing easy and economical.

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Jira Visualization Tool FAQs

What is Jira Visualization?

While Jira is a popular project management app that allows teams to efficiently track progress of various initiatives, bugs, and product development, not all teams find its built-in visualization tools adequate for their needs. Jira does provide has built-in roadmapping, board/Kanban, and other visualization tools. However, there are limitations for these (e.g., colors selected in roadmaps) and other limitations imposed based off of the Jira plan that you have. Further, not all stakeholders have a Jira license or willingness to learn Jira, making these tools not helpful for project managers who need to share visualizations from Jira. Visor is an alternative to Jira’s built-in visualization tools. Visor stays in sync with Jira and

What type of Jira Visualization options does Visor provide?

Visor provides various ways to visualize your Jira data. Due to Visor’s bi-directional Jira integration, the visualizations made and shared in Visor are in sync with Jira and represent a team’s single source of truth.

Visor provides Gantt, Table, Board, and Timeline Views. For any of these Views, users can select the exact HEX colors for conditional formatting, filter nested Jira data to display the correct level of information, and share with collaborators who don’t have a Jira license. Visor offers an unlimited number of free viewers for each View for view.

Can I visualize Jira Epics in Visor?

Visor allows you import nested Jira data; this includes epics, issues, tasks, subtasks and more. Therefore, you can visualize epics (and a lot more) in Visor.

There is a 250 record limit in the free account. You can check out Visor’s pricing page for more info.

Can I visualize Jira milestones in Visor?

Visor offers the ability to visualize Milestones in our Gantt and Table views. Milestones can help visualize prioritization, key dates for roadmaps, and communicate project plans to stakeholders. Jira does not offer a built-in Jira Milestone feature. Therefore, creating Jira visualizations in Visor is a great alternative when you need to share Jira project data with Milestones.

Can I choose the colors I want for Visor’s Jira Visualziations?

Visor allows you to choose the HEX colors you want for your roadmaps, Gantts, spreadsheets, and Board/Kanban Views. You can include your brand colors or other color schema to help communicate urgency and project statuses.

Is Visor a Jira plug-in?

No, Visor is not a plug-in that works in Jira. Rather, you can import Jira data into Visor’s spreadsheet. From there, you can visualize your data to share with others. Because Visor has a bi-directional Jira integration, you can also push out changes to Jira.

Does Visor support JQL?

Visor offers a basic Jira and, for more advanced users who want to run custom queries, a JQL importer. Typically, the advanced JQL imports gets used by users who want to import multiple Jira projects into one Jira visualization (e.g., roadmap or Gantt.)

Have another question?

If you have any more questions, they may be answered in our Knowledge Base. Otherwise feel free to reach out to us. Our email is support@visor.us. We’d love to hear from you!

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Visor: Spreadsheet & Gantt Chart for
Jira Data Reports & Roadmaps

Visor’s flexible bi-directional Jira integration allows project managers to make reports with live data.
Discover why PMs love us.

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Features That Unify Teams & Data

Explore all the Visor features that unleash efficiency and foster alignment.

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Two-way Jira Syncing

Visor honors Jira nesting, making it easy to import, visualize, and edit Jira data.

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Easy Drag-and-Drop

Anyone can use Visor’s flexible and intuitive workspace. Getting started is simple and easy.

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Accurate Custom Views

Create spreadsheets, Gantts, and other views that stay accurate without manual work.

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Share, edit, and sort through project data using Visor’s table view.

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Gantt Charts

Create colorful Gantt charts and roadmaps that share the level of detail that your audience needs.

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Timeline Charts

Agile teams can see who is doing what with Timeline’s swimlanes and Jira Sprint fields.

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Connected Fields

Visor connects to 75+ types of Jira fields and Jira nesting. Import Epics, Stories, Tasks, and more.

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Custom Fields

Provide additional information along with your Jira data using custom fields.

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Secure Sharing

Decide who gets edit, comment, or view access to your data and what data is un-editable.

Verified Reviews

“Visor is so much more flexible than any other JIRA-integrated roadmapping software I’ve used.” 🤩

Kemper R.,
Atlassian reviewer

“Visor for JIRA has transformed our team’s collaboration and workflow efficiency.”


Verified G2 reviewer

“Excellent customization and easy to use. I can tailor Visor to my exact needs.”


Camila B.,
G2 reviewer

“Visor enhances collaboration and project planning with its intuitive interface and integrated Gantt chart.”

Shruti P.,
Atlassian reviewer