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image collage from atlassian team '24
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Atlassian Team ‘24 Conference: Visor’s Big Takeaways

The Atlassian Team conference is a brilliant confluence (see what we did there?) of project managers, product managers, team leads, and admins of all sorts. A...
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Think your PLG strategy doesn’t need sales people? Think again.

We're a product-led growth company. But we're hiring our first salesperson. Here's why, and why it might not look like you'd expect.
michael yaroshefsky ceo and founder of visor
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Founder & CEO Michael Yaroshefsky Discusses Visor’s Journey

The final installment of On the Roadmap is here. Rae concludes this podcast with CEO and founder of Visor, Michael Yaroshefsky.
stakeholder trust
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Stakeholder Alignment: How Project Managers Save Time with Visor

Maintaining stakeholder alignment during a project's lifecycle can prove challenging to project mangers. These Visor tips will help make that process easier.
chris cooke interview
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Serial Tech Entrepreneur Chris Cooke Talks About Leadership & Empathy

Rae chats with serial tech entrepreneur Chris Cooke about empathy as a leader and the mindset Chris cultivated while creating two Atlassian Platinum vendors.
katie silver senior atlassian product manager
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Atlassian Senior Product Manager Katie Silver Discusses Her Career Journey

In this episode of Visor’s podcast, “On the Roadmap,” host Rae Foote chats with Katie Silver, a Senior Product Manager at Atlassian about how to avoid...
view settings feature in visor
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View Settings: Instantly Understand Your Workbook Data

Visor's new View Settings feature makes it easier to share Custom Views with stakeholders. Let's explore!
invision bubble burst
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What actually popped InVision’s billion-dollar bubble (Hint: it wasn’t Figma)

Nobody would have guessed that seven years after InVision’s meteoric rise, it would be labeled “the Myspace of design tools.” Visor CEO explains what happened.
sajit nair interview
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Sajit Nair Discusses the Importance of Community & Time Management

Atlassian Community Leader and Creator, Sajit Nair, talks about why he invests his time in community and offers tips for others.
Guest Hernan Halabi joins Rae Foote on the podcast on the roadmap
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Hernán Halabi Discusses How Tech Can Foster Work-Life Balance

In the latest installment of Visor’s podcast, “On the Roadmap”, host Rae Foote chats with IT expert and fellow Atlassian Creator, Hernán Halabi.
brittany joiner guest otr
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Brittany Joiner Shares Productivity Tips for the Neurodivergent

In the latest installment of Visor's podcast, "On the Roadmap," host Rae Foote chats with fellow Atlassian Creator and self-proclaimed productivity nerd, Brittany Joiner.
visor custom views
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5 Ways Visor Custom Views Help Teams Collaborate Better

Discover how Visor's Custom Views allow project managers to share always up-to-date reports and roadmaps for stakeholders who don't use PM apps like Jira.
otr podcast guest jimmy seddon
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Jimmy Seddon on Community, Priorities, and Remote Work Realities

This week on the "On the Roadmap" podcast, host Rae Foote chats with her guest (and fellow Atlassian Creator), Jimmy Se
a woman looking at a graphic curve in the distance
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Climbing the Curve: The Platitude-free Guide to Identifying Early Signs of Product-Market Fit 

Visor's CEO unpacks the journey toward product-market fit, and how entrepreneurs can determine whether they're on the right path toward it.
visor milestones
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Smarter Project Roadmaps: Visor Introduces Milestones Feature

Milestones add clarity to your project plans. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that you can now display Milestones in Visor.
atlassian creators
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15 Atlassian Creators You Need to Follow on LinkedIn

To help you maximize the time you spend scrolling on LinkedIn, we created a quick rundown of some of the Atlassian Creators we find helpful to...
otr podcast guest rodney nissen "the jira guy"
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Rodney Nissen Open Up on Career, Resilience, & Being the Jira Guy

This week on the "On the Roadmap" podcast, host Rae Foote chats with her guest (and fellow Atlassian Creator), Rodney Nissen, aka "The Jira Guy".
visor rdp feature
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Save Time with Visor’s Updated Record Details Panel

This new feature update will save you time and allow you to access, edit, and format project details with ease.
Cartoon of a house representing Visor's Workspace Homepage
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Introducing Visor’s New Workspace Homepage

Our newest update makes it easier for you to collaborate with stakeholders and find the workbooks you need to share and update.
visor knowledge base
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Visor’s Knowledge Base: How to Work Smarter and Faster with Visor

Whether you’re new to Visor, or are curious about what else you can accomplish with Visor, our revamped Knowledge Base can help you.
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Auditory Console Logging: Identifying Bugs by Listening to Code Execution

If code was a musical score, how would it sound when played? Would it be possible to identify patterns and even problems by listening to it?
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The Decision-Free Sales Process

If you haven't noticed, product-led growth methodology is having a moment.  It's the bold idea that some products shouldn't need to be sold by salespeople.
visor announces header
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Launching the World’s Most Connected Spreadsheet

Today, Visor announces our $5m seed round to empower solutioneers everywhere to build amazing business solutions powered by live business data from all their apps.
A tree branch with new growth sprouting from it.
Company Updates

Visor Announces $5 million of Seed Funding and the Launch of the World’s Most Connected Spreadsheet to Democratize Internal Application Building

Visor, maker of the world's most connected spreadsheet for internal application building, today announced $5M of seed funding. General Catalyst Partners led the financings.
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The Only Two Product Manager Types You Need to Know

Not all product management roles are created the same, but most fall into one of two categories: Business PMs, and technical PMs.
A white robot with glowing eyes and simple smile looks up at the camera.
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How We Turned Salesforce Into a Modern Growth Engine

Meet Plato, our automated growth engine. We use Plato to understand who our users are, where they came from, and and what they're doing in Visor.
Top down photo of three people's hands working together to build things out of legos on a white table.
Product & Roadmapping

7 Reasons Why Spreadsheets are the Ultimate No-Code App Builder

Every successful company faces crossroads. At Visor, we realized we made a wrong turn three years in.
A small greenish plant breaking through a sandy surface.
Company Updates

Coronavirus: The end of “good times?” Good riddance!

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to refocus on building quality businesses, growing thoughtfully, and caring deeply about our impact on our customers, our colleagues, and...