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5 Ways Visor Custom Views Help Teams Collaborate Better

Projects are more likely to be successful when all teammates can work together in a collaborative way.

As a project manager, you know that project management tools like Jira are indispensable. However, not everyone can access Jira or has the bandwidth to learn it. That’s where Visor’s Custom Views come in.

Visor is a secure and easy-to-use platform that connects to your Jira data or other workplace apps. Since Visor instantly syncs your project data, you can create Custom Views that are always up-to-date and tailored for stakeholders.

In this post, we’ll cover, how Visor’s Custom Views help you to:

  • Build stunning roadmaps and reports for each team
  • Personalize your work with the color formatting you choose
  • Apply Custom Filters to get only the information you need
  • Create Custom Views so stakeholders can collaborate even if they don’t use Jira

#1: Meet Each Team’s Needs with Custom Views

When you create a Custom View in Visor, you can apply filters, so teammates see the project information that is most relevant to them.

For example, your engineering team may only want to see the tasks related to specific launches in a spreadsheet. The senior leadership team may only want to see a high-level Gantt view of a project to better grasp how things are progressing.

When each team can quickly identify what they need, you can save yourself the trouble of needing to provide multiple updates. In addition, you can add Custom Fields to track OKRs and other data.

visor jira gantt

This is especially true when it comes to Visor’s bi-directional syncing. This feature ensures that any changes you make in Jira or in Visor get logged and your team’s data is always accurate. At the same time, they keep the View that’s comfortable and relevant for them.

The result? As you work and collaborate in Visor, you can be confident that the information your team sees is always correct.

#2: Make Project Plans Easier to Understand with Custom Color Formatting

There are times when pre-set fonts and colors won’t cut it.

Say you need to give an important presentation to the executive leadership team. Personalizing the data you present makes your project plans easier to understand and keeps them on brand.

With Visor, you’re not stuck with a limited palette of colors or selection of fonts. You have the freedom to choose the colors that best resonate with your project’s message to make your data pop.

For instance,  Visor gives you the option to format tasks with fiery reds or blazing oranges if you want to call out urgent tasks. The same goes for demonstrating the status of an issue or using different colors for each assignee.

You can also format important tasks aligning with your organization’s brand guidelines for those executive leadership team meetings we mentioned earlier.

Visor is versatile and flexible enough for you to add the custom colors you choose to let your data tell a story.

#3: Keep Teams Aligned and Identify Roadblocks with Custom Roadmaps

A well-defined roadmap can keep entire teams on track.

Creating a project roadmap using Visor’s Gantt View enables project managers to outline project start and end dates and assignees in a clear way. When roadmaps are accessible to all members of your team, they can serve as a single source of truth that provides a full view of the project’s progress.

There are many Jira Roadmap examples you can check out across our site and blog; while they all visualize Jira data, they are accessible to even those who don’t use Jira.

As a project manager, this means the teams you work with can identify potential roadblocks early – before you experience any hiccups. And because Visor helps you add Milestones to your roadmaps, you can provide clarity to stakeholders.

milestones feature in visor gantt view

#4: Collaborate with Stakeholders Even if They Don’t Use Jira

One of the major challenges project managers face is getting all project stakeholders on the same page.

Even if you use Jira, not everyone you work with may have the time or the bandwidth to learn it. In order for a project to be successful, everyone needs to be aligned, even if they are an outside contractor or freelancer. That means relying on tools that are intuitive and easy to pick up.

Visor is designed to operate like the tools your team already uses every day. Connecting your Jira data to Visor gives your team one central, easy-to-use location for project updates. Maintaining this kind of transparency helps ensure that everyone involved in a project can access the latest updates, even if they don’t use Jira.

Visor Jira Integration

Creating Jira Roadmaps, Gantts, and spreadsheet reports with your most recent project data also helps reduce requests from stakeholders.

#5: Identify Risks and Prevent Project Bottlenecks

When you create Custom Views and custom roadmaps, you can help your team identify and avoid potential risks before they escalate into major problems.

For instance, a custom roadmap can let you see if one assignee is overwhelmed with too much work and won’t be able to finish a project on time. Color coding in Custom Views gives you an easy way to see how many urgent tasks are not completed so that you can adjust course.

And because everyone can use Visor, it makes it easier for all team members to see urgent issues, so they can bring it to your attention – or even address issues on their own.


Managing projects is a lot easier when you have your team on your side. By offering a single source of truth, Visor allows project managers to navigate roadblocks and minimize risk. 

But it lets your team do it, too. With your team backing you up and actively collaborating through Visor, you can have better communication, make better decisions, and ultimately have more successful projects. Visor’s Jira visualization options help you keep stakeholders and collaborators in the loop.

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