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Introducing Visor’s New Workspace Homepage

Today, we’re excited to introduce your new Workspace Homepage, the area where you go to see your workbooks upon logging into Visor.

This new update makes collaborating with stakeholders and managing your project plans within Visor so much easier. Find and share the Custom Views you create more quickly than ever. We’ll show you how.

In this post, we’ll cover how you can now:

  • filter workbooks by user permission level and creation date
  • add icons, emojis, and descriptions to your workbooks
  • see what plan your workspace uses

Let’s dive into what you can expect the next time you log into Visor with this new feature.

Visor’s New Workspace Homepage:

visor new workspace homepage

A One-Stop Hub for Productivity

With Visor’s newly redesigned Workspace Homepage, you can now quickly see which workbooks you have access to, who created them, and your access level for each workbook.

It’s also easy to filter the workbooks in your workspace by:

  • Who created the workbook
  • The workbook’s creation date
  • Your permission level for workbooks

You can also get a quick overview of what plan your workspace uses.

This consolidated view of your Visor workspace allows you to manage, find, and share multiple projects without missing important details.

workbook formatting feature

Collaboration Made Easier

Creating Custom Views within Visor makes it easy to reimagine your single source of truth for different stakeholders and teams. Our latest update will help you keep stakeholders in the loop.

What you can now do in Visor:

  • Write descriptions for workbooks to provide context for stakeholders
  • Add emojis and icons to workbooks to make them more discoverable
  • Select the icon colors for your workbooks

Add & Update Workbook Details:

workbook homepage description features

Once you have updated your workbooks’ icons, emojis, and descriptions, you’ll be able to spot the workbooks you are looking for quickly. Similarly, when you share a stakeholder with multiple workbooks, they’ll easily find the workbook they need when they log in.

Find Workbooks Quickly With Emojis, Icons, & Descriptions:

visor workbook homepage

Video Overview

Want to see the Workspace Homepage in action? Check out this quick video to see what it will look like the next time you’re logged into Visor.

Setting the Stage for Your Future Success

Our redesigned Workspace Homepage isn’t about announcing the latest bells and whistles. We’ve seriously considered your feedback and made changes to help you succeed as a project manager. We’re not just improving how you work today; we’re setting the stage for your future success.

Check out our Public Roadmap to get an idea of what we’ll release next.

Also, feel free to contact us if you have specific requests you’d like to see at Visor.

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