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Serial Tech Entrepreneur Chris Cooke Talks About Leadership & Empathy

In this episode of Visor’s podcast, “On the Roadmap,” host Rae Foote chats with serial entrepreneur and founder of Custom Charts, Chris Cooke.

This episode delves into the adaptability Chris developed while creating two Atlassian Platinum vendors, the importance of empathy in leadership, and more.

Rae chats with Chris about:

  • Whether delusion is needed to succeed as an entrepreneur
  • Why the best training to be a successful entrepreneur is to fail first
  • How it’s “disappointingly easy” to stand out as an employer that has empathy

On the Roadmap Episode Overview

“What it comes down to is you don’t need to see a path in the forest. But you need to enjoy walking amongst the trees to keep talking steps. I have failed more times than most people will ever try in their life because I enjoy it; I enjoy the learning… Now that we’ve successfully exited with lots of money, I wonder what’s next.”

Chris Cooke, serial entrepreneur

Watch the Episode with Guest Chris Cooke

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