katie silver senior atlassian product manager

Atlassian Senior Product Manager Katie Silver Discusses Her Career Journey

In this episode of Visor’s podcast, “On the Roadmap,” host Rae Foote chats with Katie Silver, a Senior Product Manager at Atlassian. This episode delves into how importance setting boundaries at work is, how Katie got into product management, and tips to avoid burnout.

Rae chats with Katie about:

  • How Katie found herself working as a Product Manager
  • The importance of setting boundaries at work for mental health
  • How to advocate for yourself at work

On the Roadmap Episode Overview

“When I was a Customer Advocate [at Atlassian], I knew I wanted to do something in tech. So, the first step was figuring out ‘what is actually out there?’ Once I decided product management was what I wanted to do, I had no idea how to get there. So, I talked to people in the company and asked their opinions on the skills they needed to be a PM. What I found was that the more I opened up and asked for advice, the more willing these people were to advocate for me in the future.”

Katie Silver, Senior Product Manager at Atlassian

Watch the Episode with Guest Katie Silver

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