michael yaroshefsky ceo and founder of visor

Founder & CEO Michael Yaroshefsky Discusses Visor’s Journey

In the final installment of Visor’s podcast, “On the Roadmap,” host Rae Foote brings it full circle by talking to Visor’s CEO and founder, Michael “Yaro” Yaroshefsky.

This episode delves into Visor’s “non-linear” journey and details how Visor became the spreadsheet-inspired workspace that it is today.

Rae chats with Yaro about:

  • Mike’s lifelong passion of using technology to help people
  • How Mike’s experience working as a venture capitalist helped him as a startup founder
  • Why Visor pivoted toward spreadsheets after first going down a different direction

On the Roadmap Episode Overview

“The spreadsheet is the Switzerland of software. It doesn’t belong to any one team or department. Everyone is comfortable in the spreadsheet. It becomes the lingua franca of exchanging information in an organization… we realized that one of the most compelling parts of the spreadsheet is that it is so well understood.”

Michael Yaroshefsky on why Visor pivoted

Watch the Episode with Guest Michael Yaroshefsky

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