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15 Atlassian Creators You Need to Follow on LinkedIn

Recently, Atlassian announced the latest additions to their Atlassian Creator Program – individuals who regularly share actionable advice and tips about Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian apps. 

To help you maximize the time you spend scrolling on LinkedIn, we created a quick rundown of some of the Atlassian Creators we find helpful to follow. See who shares your interests and might be worth adding to your LinkedIn feed.  Take a look:

#1: Alex Ortiz

As the co-founder of Apetech, Alex Ortiz offers his Atlassian know-how to teams around the world.

Why you should follow him:

If you want to keep up with the latest installments of The Jira Life podcast, Alex will make sure you never miss a new episode. He also posts interesting behind-the-scenes content as well as interesting reposts from fellow Atlassian Creators.

Atlassian Creator Alex Ortiz

Where else you can find him:

  • Along with Rodney Nissen, Alex co-hosts The Jira Life podcast, which is available on YouTube and Spotify.
  • He also offers classes in Jira through SaltoLeap.

#2: Rae Foote

Full disclosure: we couldn’t resist choosing our Product Success Manager, Rae Foote. In addition to helping project managers visualize their Jira data more effectively using Visor, she’s also an official Atlassian Creator.

Why you should follow her:

Rae covers a wide variety of topics, from the effect color has on project management to how to handle the psychological pressures of project management.

atlassian creator rae foote

Where else you can find her:

  • Rae has a newly-launched web series “On the Roadmap” where she interviews project managers and Atlassian experts about how they balance the personal and the professional sides of their lives. You can also find her interviews on Visor’s YouTube channel.
  • In addition, if you register for a free Visor account, you get access to Rae’s extensive Jira knowledge, as she often helps Visor users get the most out of our Jira integration.

#3: Nikki Závadská

Nikki is the founder of Jexo, which got acquired by AppFire in January 2023. Jexo created multiple Jira productivity apps. A self-professed “Atlassian geek”, Nikki has a lot to say about project management and Atlassian tools.

Why you should follow her:

Nikki manages to be light, informative, and funny all at once. She posts regularly, and her LinkedIn page is a good mix of Atlassian info, work-life balance tips, and just plain entertaining content.

Atlassian Creator Nikki Závadská

Where else you can find her:

#4: Sajit Nair

As the Director of Products and Agile Practices for Atlassian consulting firm, Trundl, Sajit Nair has a lot of background in Atlassian products. He’s also been a Community Leader for the Dehli/Gurgaon Region for more than five years, meaning he’s current on all the latest trends and concerns related to Atlassian. 

Why you should follow him:

Sajit covers a lot of ground and keeps you posted about what’s coming up from Atlassian and what the other Atlassian Creators are up to. You can also catch his very entertaining Ace QuizWiz show from his Linkedin page.

Where else you can find him:

  • Sajit runs the ACE QuizWiz show – a Zoom quiz show for the Atlassian Community, which you can find on YouTube.

#5: Robert Hean

Robert Hean is a tech expert and a teacher – a powerful combo when you’re looking to understand how different Atlassian applications work. 

Why you should follow him:

Because he’s a teacher, Robert already has a lot of education material at his disposal. He frequently posts easy-to-process infographics, tips of different Atlassian apps, as well as general advice for making it in the tech space.

Atlassian Creator Robert Hean

Where else you can find him:

  • Robert runs Hean Tech, which offers a tech blog on a broad range of topics and online courses, including one on Jira.

#6: Manon Soubies-Camy

Manon Soubies-Camy is the Atlassian expert and co-founder behind Twybee, a French company that offers expert services in Jira and Confluence. She’s also an Atlassian Community Leader for Lyon, France.

Why you should follow her:

Manon offers a lot of practical advice for getting the most out of Jira, Confluence, and Trello. Whether she’s sharing apps that’ll help you get the most out of Jira or suggesting ways to write a summary to maximize clarity, she has a real talent for expressing things in a short, informative way.

Atlassian Creator Manon Soubies-Camy

Where else you can find her:

  • Manon’s company, Twybee, offers an informative newsletter and blog.

#7: Michael Kimathi

Michael Kimathi has a long history with Atlassian. He’s spent 8 years as the Atlassian Community Nairobi Lead. In addition to his Atlassian Creator status, he’s also Head of Developer Community Africa at Africa’s Talking, a tech company that helps connect developers and businesses through APIs.

Why you should follow him:

Michael keeps you current on the tech revolution taking place in Africa. His LinkedIn posts feature insightful interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at the Hackathons hosted by his organization.

Atlassian Creator Michael Kimathi

Where else you can find him:

  • You can also catch Michael as the host of the AT: Retold Podcast on YouTube.

#8: Peter Preston

Peter is the co-founder of Accoil Marketplace Advisors, a company that helps app vendors gain traction in the crowded Atlassian Marketplace.

Why you should follow him:

If you’re looking for work, he runs Atlassian Talent Thursday, a rundown of recent Atlassian-based job openings. He also offers tips and tricks to vendors looking to promote their Atlassian Marketplace apps.

Atlassian Creator Peter Preston

Where else you can find him:

  • Peter writes for the Accoil newsletter, which is an invaluable resource for Atlassian Marketplace apps looking to grow. Topics covered include “3 must-haves for an awesome Atlassian Marketplace listing” and “Defining your ideal customer: for Marketplace Partners”.

#9: Rodney Nissen “The Jira Guy”

Rodney Nissen is a Certified Atlassian Expert, a Senior Atlassian Toolsmith, and the mind behind the informative The Jira Guy blog.

Why you should follow him:

Beyond being extremely knowledgeable about Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian tools, Rodney is personable and funny, posting relatable content that will make Jira fans chuckle.

Where else you can find him:

  • If you want more Jira knowledge, Rodney maintains The Jira Guy website – a weekly blog on all things Jira. It offers plenty of tricks and tips to help you get more value out of your Atlassian tools.
  • Rodney’s also co-host of The Jira Life podcast, which you can find on YouTube and Spotify.

#10: Eren Kalelioglu

With more than 8 years of experience with Atlassian tools and over 17 years in project and program management, Eren Kalelioglu is a definite Jira expert.

Why you should follow him:

Eren is a good source for keeping up-to-date with Atlassian events, and often shares content related to teamwork or productivity.

Atlassian Creator Eren Kalelioglu

Where else you can find him:

  • Eren wrote the book on Confluence – literally. You can find his book, Implementing Atlassian Confluence: Strategies, tips, and insights to enhance distributed team collaboration using Confluence on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • His company, Ponsatlas, also posts a weekly TeamworkTech newsletter.

#11: Jan Kuntscher

Jan Kuntscher is the founder and CEO of AppAnvil, a company that provides both professional services and a few Atlassian Marketplace apps for Atlassian users. 

Why you should follow him:

Those who want to know more about Confluence will find plenty to occupy them on Jan’s LinkedIn page, including links to webinars and videos. One caveat – much of the content is in German, so you must sprichst Deutsch.

Where else you can find him:

  • If you’re a German speaker, Jan has a ton of Confluence tips on the Appanvil YouTube channel.

#12: Raúl Peláez Mendoza

Raul Pelaez Mendoza boasts more than 10 years of experience with the Atlassian ecosystem. He is the Director of Solutions at TecnoFor, and offers consulting, training, and administration services for Atlassian platforms. 

Why you should follow him:

If you want to keep up on Atlassian current events, Raul links out to some interesting talks and posts a lot of content live from Atlassian events. 

Atlassian Creator Raúl Peláez Mendoza

Where else you can find him:

  • You can find Raul’s work on the TecnoFor blog, in both English and Spanish.

#13: Katarzyna Zofia Pawlak

Katarzyna Zofia Pawlak is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Appsvio, a company that designs multiple apps for the Atlassian Marketplace. 

Why you should follow her:

Her page offers lots of Jira and app-related content, including links to blog posts and white papers. She’s also a good person to follow if you want to quickly find out about Jira updates and events. 

Atlassian Creator Katarzyna Zofia Pawlak

Where else you can find her:

Some of her content can be found on the Appsvio webpage.

#14: Lewis Tanguhwar

Lewis Tanguhwar is an Atlassian migration expert with a background in tech support. He’s a regular speaker on tech topics, including Jira and Confluence.

Why you should follow him:

He posts about new Atlassian features, best practices, and Atlassian events. Though he’s somewhat new to the scene, Lewis offers enthusiasm and the knowledge you get troubleshooting an Atlassian migration.

Atlassian Creator Lewis Tanguhwar

Where else you can find him:

Currently, LinkedIn is Lewis’s platform of choice.

#15: Kiet Ngo

Kiet Ngo is the founder of AgileOps, which is an IT consulting firm that specializes in Atlassian, ITSM, and DevSecOps. 

Why you should follow him:

There’s a thriving developer community in Vietnam, and Kiet is at the forefront of that. He links out to solid content in both English and Vietnamese, offering user guides, ebooks, and a #Rethink with Kiet newsletter.

Where else you can find him:


We hope you found someone you wanted to follow, but if you want more expertise in all things Atlassian, reach out! You can chat with Atlassian Creator Rae Foote or another member of our knowledgeable team to learn how Visor can manage and visualize your Jira projects than you ever have before. 

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