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Atlassian Team ‘24 Conference: Visor’s Big Takeaways

The Atlassian Team conference is a brilliant confluence (see what we did there?) of project managers, product managers, team leads, and admins of all sorts. A true meeting of the minds for people who love a do-to list almost as much as they love a regular stand up.

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We were lucky enough to have a booth all to ourselves for this year’s conference, and we wanted to share some of our big takeaways with you. (And who are we? Just the project management tool that’s going to get your team into crystal clear alignment. Check out Visor in the Atlassian Marketplace.)

This isn’t just going to be a roundup of all the Atlassian product announcements. You can find that elsewhere, including on Atlassian’s own website, where you can watch all the keynotes you might have missed. Instead, we’re going to tell you the updates that stood out to us, and what we’re looking for next on the horizon.

Atlassian Updates

Of course, there were a few major product updates. Primarily, there are new items on the Atlassian roadmap that they offered everyone a peek at, as well as some general improvements to make more tools more useful in a wider variety of instances. Confluence will now have a whiteboard, for instance, and Loom (which Atlassian acquired last year) is becoming even easier to use as a method to avoid more meetings (hard not to love that).

Of course, the biggest updates all had to do with AI, which was a primary theme of the conference as a whole. Artificial intelligence took center stage at the opening keynote, as AI researcher Dr. Fei-Fei Li, and Editor in Chief of The Economist, Zanny Minton Beddoes, joined Atlassian’s co-founder to discuss how AI can be used effectively and responsibly.

AI is going to be informing many of the changes to the Atlassian product ecosystem, from helping save time on note taking for meetings with Loom, to creating an entire no-code JQL process for Jira.

One other update we loved was about Atlassian University. All of Atlassian’s certifications and trainings are now completely free. At Visor, we’re big believers in sharing knowledge and learning new information. That’s part of why we work so hard to make your data so sharable. Needless to say, then, this update had us cheering!

The Community

Something else that stood out to Team Visor as Atlassian Teams first timers was that there was so much more to the conference than we’ve seen at similar work-focused events.

It was Team Visors’ very first Team Conference, and we didn’t know what a treat was waiting for us. We were met with an outpouring of support from every person who stopped by our booth. Hundreds of people expressed excitement over our product, asked thoughtful questions, and engaged with us on a technical level that showed a general level of expertise throughout the attendee pool that was truly impressive. Even when Visor wasn’t a fit for a particular use case, folks spread the word and sent others to our booth to see if we could help someone else.

Furthermore, community leaders, creators, and just everyday people all stepped up to empower one another. We saw it again and again: knowledge that would be so easy to gatekeep being shared openly and with enthusiasm. It set Team ‘24 apart from any other B2B conference we’ve yet seen.

Truly, Teams is one of a kind.

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What’s next

So we’ve gotten our peek at the Atlassian roadmap. Now we’re thinking of what’s coming next in the Atlassian ecosystem, and how that functions as a bellwether for the PM world as a whole.

Overall, our impressions must come back to AI. These ways that Atlassian is incorporating artificial intelligence into their product lines strike us as sensible but powerful, neither too out-there of a use case to be functional nor too nervous about AI to be exciting.

While Visor will remain very much human-powered for the foreseeable future, we’re excited to see the community on the cutting edge.

We’ve also been very genuinely touched by the human component of the Atlassian community. It’s energizing to see how this community comes together to learn, inspire, and encourage one another. It’s the people that truly make the Team conference so very special, and will continue to do so no matter what the next stage on the roadmap may be.

Will we see you at Team ‘25?

The team is feeling so energized and excited about the future, including Team 25 next year in Anaheim, California. Let us know if we’ll be seeing you there!

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We came to Atlassian to talk to Jira users about how Visor syncs with Jira to make your data easier to share in a wide variety of ways. We left with new info, new friends, and an exciting look to the future.

In case you missed us there, now’s your chance to learn more about how Visor can help your team achieve crystal clear alignment.

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