Company Updates

Company Updates

Joining Visor – Why I Jumped in

Master marketer James Taylor weighs in on why he jumped onboard the Visor rocket ship, and what's next for him now.
Company Updates

Visor Has a New Senior Content Marketing Manager (Spoiler: Its Me)

I’m organized. When you hear that, you’re probably thinking my house is tidy. And you’re right, but that’s really not getting into the depths of the...
Visor software engineer Tyler Diminick
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Culture + Solving Challenges: My Journey to Joining Team Visor

Software engineer Tyler Diminick details why Visor's culture and product drove him to join Team Visor.
Andrew Chung, software engineer at Visor
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The Unique Innovation That Drove Me to Join Visor as a Software Engineer

Find out why Andrew wanted to join Team Visor and work on challenges that drive value for business users.
Visor software enginer, Mel Marshall
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Landing the Coding Career I’d Always Wanted, at Visor

Mel Marshall details her professional journey as a software engineer and what led her to join Team Visor.
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Meet Visor’s First Product Manager

As a product manager, it's easy to develop a distrust of new technologies and new companies these days. Visor is different.
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Why Visor and Why Now? A Note from Visor’s First Product Marketing Manager

Joining the small but powerful team Visor as its first Product Marketing Manager was a decision fueled by a thoughtful interview process, genuine team camaraderie, and...
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What It’s Like to Work at Visor

While hard work is the cost of admission for a gig at a startup, the payoff is unlike any other job.
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Why I Moved to NYC to Join Visor

As the Product Success Manager, my goal is to make Visor work for our users, not the other way around.
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Engineering Intern Project Spotlight: Reimagining Chat Support

Software Engineering Fellow Samrat Sahoo describes his first project: recreating Visor’s HubSpot chat support widget to enable users to have better experiences.
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Visor Engineering Culture Spotlight: Patrick Shanley

Visor's Principal Engineer, Patrick Shanley, has worked at Visor since the company's founding.
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Why I Joined Visor As Their Head of Marketing

I possess a healthy dose of skepticism whenever a startup approaches me about joining their team. Visor’s commitment to “hiring humanely” was a huge green flag.
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The Rocketship: Volume 1

We at Visor understand that the current economic climate may be challenging, and we want to offer some tips and pointers for growing your career.
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The most important email I write each week

One email helps Visor CEO Mike Yaroshefsky keep his remote team aligned. See how.
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2021: The Year of You

Each year, we like to share an update with our community about how Visor grew, and what’s on deck for the new year.
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Visor is hiring (October 2021)

On the heels of announcing our $5.0 million seed funding, I'm thrilled to share more about the roles we're adding to our team.
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Captain’s Log #50

Visor's founder and CEO, Mike Yaroshefsky, publishes a private newsletter to investors, advisors, and friends of the company. We've republished the 50th edition of the newsletter.
A tree branch with new growth sprouting from it.
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Visor Announces $5 million of Seed Funding and the Launch of the World’s Most Connected Spreadsheet to Democratize Internal Application Building

Visor, maker of the world's most connected spreadsheet for internal application building, today announced $5M of seed funding. General Catalyst Partners led the financings.
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Why I Quit a Fortune 100 Company to Join a Startup

This is the story of how I ended up at Visor, and why I'm so excited to accelerate my career growth by accelerating growth at Visor.
Screenshot of CloudStore
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How CloudStore helped us build Visor 10x faster

See how CloudStore, our internal architecture, lets the Visor team build 10x faster by reducing the need to write server code as we expand the product.
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Why I Founded Visor: Narrowing the Divide

At an early age, I witnessed how technology divides people into the techno-haves and the have-nots. Bridging this gap is a crucial challenge for the 21st...
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Coronavirus: The end of “good times?” Good riddance!

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to refocus on building quality businesses, growing thoughtfully, and caring deeply about our impact on our customers, our colleagues, and...