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2021: The Year of You

Each year, we like to share an update with our community about how Visor grew and what’s on deck for the new year.  While you may be Visor customers or simply friends, we view you as our stakeholders: we’re accountable to you for building the future of Visor.

Here are some highlights:


2021 was the year of you!

We started Visor in 2019 with a vision to provide you with live, integrated data for your apps. It began with a Jira integration and a gantt view.  Now Visor is a fully-fledged connected data collaboration platform. 2021 was the year where it all hit. And the reason is you.

We’re just building the tools, but you’re building the solutions.  Our amazing solutioneers are finding clever ways to solve their business problems with Visor:

  • Client portals for project progress
  • Quality assurance team dashboards
  • Manufacturing work trackers

This is just the beginning of what you’ll be able to build with Visor.

It is our vision for Visor to become a modern successor for what SAP, Oracle, and IBM had been; providers of cutting edge solutions for working with business data.

The difference now is that today’s breakthrough business solutions start with one person on a Friday afternoon trying a new product.  And they involve data from numerous systems. It’s no longer just committees of people spending millions of dollars on bespoke systems and databases.

Solutioneers are the future of business solutions, connectivity is their strategy, and Visor is their favorite tool.

Here’s what happened in 2021:

Improved Integration Experience

Visor is the world’s most connected spreadsheet.  We need to back that up with a great experience working with connected data.  And we spent the majority of our time in 2021 extending our lead.

Add multiple apps to the same workbook

Our new integration experience is easy and – dare I say – fun.  If you would like to link HubSpot Tickets to Jira Issues in a workbook, we’ve got you covered.  (Salesforce and HubSpot integrations are currently in beta.) connected apps
Visor lets you connect multiple apps to the same workbook.

Import without writing code

Rather than writing import queries, you can now import data for some of our connections with simple, filter-based experience.

Visor import from Jira into spreadsheet
The Jira import flow is simple, and you can also “Switch to JQL” if you’re more advanced.

Re-import in one click

New Issues in Jira? There’s now a one-click import button to re-run your last saved import.

Visor import and sync Jira to spreadsheet
You asked, and we listened. Keep that fresh data coming in with one-click imports.

Sync with options

Commitment issues? Select “One-way sync” to only pull updates into Visor without pushing any staged changes.

Sync Jira data one-way or two-ways
It’s okay to have commitment issues. You can either push Visor’s changes or hold them for later.

Easily diagnose connection and sync issues

We do everything we can to help you prevent sync snags. But if something happens, we’ll let you know what happened and how to fix it.

Simple Jira integration
No more cryptic error messages. Made by humans for humans.

See historical connection activity

Get a full picture of what synced and when.

Easy helpful Jira integration
See if your colleagues synced while you were gone.

Track your sync credits

Easily see how much data you’re exchanging with your integrations.

Free Jira integration with paid plans available for more integration credits
Track your sync credit usage to maximize your plan.

Faster access for field refreshing

Added a new field to your connected app? Easily update Visor with the latest configuration from Jira, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.

Jira integration - refresh fields
Keep Visor’s configuration up-to-date

Helpful action items to keep connections healthy

We’ll help you keep your data fresh and synced.

Jira integration that's easy to use with helpful tips
Making integrations easier with helpful tips and tricks for a healthy, happy integration

Improved Collaboration Capabilities

Step 1 is getting your data the way you want to share it. Step 2 is actually sharing it. We’ve made that experience even more powerful this year.

Protect your fields

Don’t want to mess something up?  Protect it from inadvertent changes with one click.

Collaborate on your data from Jira, Salesforce, HubSpot
One-click field protection locks editing on that field.
Protect your fields
The shield means you’re protected – from confused coworkers and cats on your keyboard.

Export to PNG, JPG, PDF, CSV

If granting others access to your workbooks isn’t right for you, you can export a snapshot to common formats.

Export Jira data. Export HubSpot data.  Export Salesforce data.  To spreadsheets, images, and more.
Grab a snapshot of your data. Spoiler alert: things are probably going to change in the future.

Embed inside Notion, Confluence, Sharepoint and more

We always recommend bringing your team to Visor, but now you can meet them where they are. Easily embed Visor inside your favorite wikis.

Embed Jira data in Notion, Confluence, and more.
Visor is also available “to go.” No delivery fee or tip required.

Deeper Jira Support

Our most popular integration by far is Jira. If you know Jira, you know how powerful it is. But that also makes it complicated. Most Jira integrations miss important features and fields. Visor supports editing and two-way syncing for Jira’s most complicated fields and features.

[Visor Exclusive] Custom hierarchy nesting

If you use Initiatives or custom hierarchy settings in Jira, we’ve got you covered. No other Jira integration on the market supports this.

Jira roadmap with custom hierarchies (Initiatives)
Go deep. Really deep. Add all that hierarchy and plan at the right level.

Editable advanced fields: Priority, Version, Release, Component, Resolution

What good is an integration if it only goes one way? We’ve made fields that are notoriously missing from integrations fully available and editable.

If we've got it, you can edit it. Visor supports advanced Jira fields like Assignee, Priority, Version, Release, Component, Version, and more.
If we’ve got it, you can edit it. Visor supports advanced Jira fields like Assignee, Priority, Version, Release, Component, Version, and more.

Listed in Atlassian Marketplace

Check out our official listing in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Visor Flexible Spreadsheet for Jira Roadmapping and Bulk Edits (In Jira's marketplace)
Visor is listed in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Received Jira security self-assessment certification

We’re proud to have been certified by Atlassian according to the Security Self-Assessment Program.  You can rest assured your data is safe.  Learn more here.

Visor has completed the Jira Security Self-Assessment Program
Visor is a secure partner of Atlassian.

More quality-of-life improvements

When you’re spending hours in Visor each day, some of these improvements will really make a difference:

What’s coming in 2022?

We can’t wait to launch what we have in store for 2022.  While we focused 2021 on the live data platform (integrations, imports, syncs), 2022 will focus on what you can do with that data.  You can expect:

  • More ways to view and collaborate with your live data
  • Powerful sharing features with roles and limits
  • Automation that saves you time
  • Calculations that work for you

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