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Think your PLG strategy doesn’t need sales people? Think again.

We're a product-led growth company. But we're hiring our first salesperson. Here's why, and why it might not look like you'd expect.
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What actually popped InVision’s billion-dollar bubble (Hint: it wasn’t Figma)

Nobody would have guessed that seven years after InVision’s meteoric rise, it would be labeled “the Myspace of design tools.” Visor CEO explains what happened.
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Climbing the Curve: The Platitude-free Guide to Identifying Early Signs of Product-Market Fit 

Visor's CEO unpacks the journey toward product-market fit, and how entrepreneurs can determine whether they're on the right path toward it.
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The most important email I write each week

One email helps Visor CEO Mike Yaroshefsky keep his remote team aligned. See how.
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Auditory Console Logging: Identifying Bugs by Listening to Code Execution

If code was a musical score, how would it sound when played? Would it be possible to identify patterns and even problems by listening to it?
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2021: The Year of You

Each year, we like to share an update with our community about how Visor grew, and what’s on deck for the new year.
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The Decision-Free Sales Process

If you haven't noticed, product-led growth methodology is having a moment.  It's the bold idea that some products shouldn't need to be sold by salespeople.
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Visor is hiring (October 2021)

On the heels of announcing our $5.0 million seed funding, I'm thrilled to share more about the roles we're adding to our team.
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Captain’s Log #50

Visor's founder and CEO, Mike Yaroshefsky, publishes a private newsletter to investors, advisors, and friends of the company. We've republished the 50th edition of the newsletter.
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Visor Announces $5 million of Seed Funding and the Launch of the World’s Most Connected Spreadsheet to Democratize Internal Application Building

Visor, maker of the world's most connected spreadsheet for internal application building, today announced $5M of seed funding. General Catalyst Partners led the financings.
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Launching the World’s Most Connected Spreadsheet

Today, Visor announces our $5m seed round to empower solutioneers everywhere to build amazing business solutions powered by live business data from all their apps.
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How We Turned Salesforce Into a Modern Growth Engine

Meet Plato, our automated growth engine. We use Plato to understand who our users are, where they came from, and and what they're doing in Visor.
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Product & Roadmapping

7 Reasons Why Spreadsheets are the Ultimate No-Code App Builder

Every successful company faces crossroads. At Visor, we realized we made a wrong turn three years in.
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How CloudStore helped us build Visor 10x faster

See how CloudStore, our internal architecture, lets the Visor team build 10x faster by reducing the need to write server code as we expand the product.
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Why I Founded Visor: Narrowing the Divide

At an early age, I witnessed how technology divides people into the techno-haves and the have-nots. Bridging this gap is a crucial challenge for the 21st...
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Behind the Product: CloudStore Part 3 [The Advantages and Tradeoffs of CloudStore]

CloudStore has made our product better for our customers. Our loads are fast and user interactions are instant. Learn more.
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Part 2: What Is CloudStore?

Behind the curtain: See how Visor's CloudStore works.
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Behind the Product: CloudStore (Part 1)

Visor's application database represents data as a graph that synchronizes itself. This has given our team incredible leverage to punch above our weight class.
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Coronavirus: The end of “good times?” Good riddance!

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to refocus on building quality businesses, growing thoughtfully, and caring deeply about our impact on our customers, our colleagues, and...