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Multiple Interactive Views

Visor is more than just a spreadsheet. Each workbook tab can be set up with a different view and featuring different subsets of data. The drag-and-drop Gantt View featured here is connected with two-way syncing dates from Jira.

Direct Syncing Control

Unlike add-on integrations that aren't streamlined as part of the product experience, Visor is designed around making syncing easy and reliable. Even specific rows can be synced by themselves. This gives users more control and confidence.

Unify Data from Multiple Apps in One Place

Data from any number of connected apps are right at home in Visor workbooks. This unlocks opportunities for cross-functional collaboration.

Custom Columns Offer Flexibility

Visor empowers users to add any number of custom columns (such as OKR and Impact Score, above). This unlocks creative flexibility, without sacrificing connectivity with live two-way syncing data from connected apps.

Nesting Support

Visor supports nesting so users can group related items together to create summary views. This simplifies the presentation of information to various stakeholders.

Importing Made Easy

Getting data in Visor is done with just a few clicks. All imported data remains connected to it's external source, so it can sync both ways.

Advanced Importing is Also Available

Visor also supports advanced importing using query tools native to the connected apps. For example, Visor supports Jira Query Language (JQL) for importing data from Jira.

High Fidelity Importing

Visor allows users to import data and maintain hierarchical nesting relationships from apps that support this behavior. For example, Jira projects are often composed of Epics and nested Stories underneath those epics.

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To improve the way the world works

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To empower people of any skill level to accomplish more by effortlessly working with data from anywhere

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Bringing everyone together with data

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Visor is the world's most connected spreadsheet for internal application building.

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