Visor software engineer Tyler Diminick

Culture + Solving Challenges: My Journey to Joining Team Visor

There are generally two things that keep me interested in a company:

  • the challenges I’m helping them solve
  • a great culture

Early on in the interview process, I realized Visor had both of these in abundance. 

I see Visor tackling two very different but very fun problems: making a spreadsheet that’s easy to use and familiar to the average person while also allowing it to integrate seamlessly with numerous other products. Lots of fun stuff to solve there!

Visor’s excellent culture also drew me in. With regular company retreats, employee outings, and weekly socializing opportunities like “Shoot the Sheet” (where everyone jumps on a call one afternoon and catches up on life together), what more could you ask for!? 

Let’s dive into each one a bit more!

The Challenges Visor Solves

I love solving problems, and I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. My dad loves math and numbers, so growing up, he regularly gave me problems to solve. These would be word problems that most kids, my sister included, hated having to solve, but I loved it. This joy of solving problems led me to a career in engineering, and after a few swaps of my major in college, I landed on computer science and have been building software ever since.

During the interview process with Visor, I noticed that Mike and the team had a similar passion for solving problems. Looking through the Visor blog, you can see some of the challenges they’ve faced over the years and how they have overcome them with things like CloudStore.

The Visor Vision

I also noticed that the Visor vision is to unify people, teams, and data across all companies by offering the world’s most seamless two-way integrations. Having worked at numerous organizations of varying sizes, I’ve seen employees encounter problems coordinating projects across multiple teams and even just within a single silo of business. 

As someone in this industry who has often used multiple systems to update stakeholders, solving this problem not only helps others but directly helps me. Instead of learning multiple systems and managing projects across them, we can manage everything right in Visor while keeping those other systems up to date for their respective shareholders. I know the solution Visor is solving would save me plenty of time!

Making Integrations Less Complicated & Time Consuming

Throughout my career, I’ve implemented numerous integrations with third-party software. I understand firsthand how complex these integrations can be; each product has its own way of sharing the data. This can be many different endpoints, sending data in one of many different formats with an uncountable number of restrictions or thresholds you need to manage. Then, once you do get it set up, you have to worry about any updates to their systems, often requiring changes on your end. It can be a very time-consuming problem to solve. I’m excited to work with the team at Visor to solve this for us and everyone looking for a better project management setup.

The Visor Team Culture

The culture a company has is one of the other big draws for me. Having worked at companies with various in-office policies, I don’t think being in the office daily is necessary for good teamwork, but I do believe regular communication is. With Visor, you can see that teamwork comes first in everything we do.

A Thoughtful Interview Process

They communicated what to expect from the start of the interview process. I never went into an interview blind; I felt prepared for each round. They checked in often to ensure I felt comfortable with the next steps while sending nice “thank you” emails. The team interview was fun and let me learn more about several team members while also allowing me to ask any questions.

Detailed Onboarding

Once I accepted the offer, the onboarding process was mapped out for me, and I was well prepared. They took the entire team and the three soon-to-start employees out for a team lunch to welcome everyone and get the bonding started. And then, from day one, I’ve felt completely a part of the team. Throughout the process, I’ve been encouraged to give feedback, good or bad, and felt comfortable sharing it. It’s been great seeing everyone so comfortable to voice their opinions!

We haven’t had one since I joined, but I look forward to the next employee outing and retreat. There is a plan for the next retreat in about three months, which should give the new people time to get comfortable. And we also have another employee outing, a BBQ, coming in the next few weeks.

All in all, I’m excited to join the team here at Visor. I’ve had a great first month and am excited to see where this team can take Visor. I think there are some interesting challenges to solve with some real value provided to users and to do it while enjoying the people you work with. I can’t think of a better place to be!

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