Joining Visor – Why I Jumped in

Think back to the last big change you decided to make in your professional or personal life.

You must have felt anxiety and uncertainty. What were you afraid of? What was it that gave you the courage to leave the comfort of the familiar and try something new?

I’ve recently taken a big leap of my own (3,459 miles in fact), moving across the Atlantic and then immediately starting a new job, switching from a large, established software house in the UK to a smaller, fast-paced start-up based in New York. 

I had planned to move stateside at some point in 2024, but I chose to rapidly accelerate my move because of a tantalizing opportunity to help market a product that is already revolutionizing project management and collaboration for so many people.

In this quick article, I’ll give you the inside scoop on what it was about Visor I found so compelling and how this aligned with my own digital marketing principles. Once you read about what I saw in Visor, you too might be inspired to try Visor for yourself, or even join the Visor team.

An Approach that Chimed with Mine

During my job search, I interviewed and received offers at a really diverse range of companies. What made Visor so different was how their ethos, strategy, and product aligned with the principles I have around digital marketing. 

I believe the most successful digital marketing gives people what they need, with ease, as quickly as possible. 

It assumes the audience are at least as smart and savvy as we are. It doesn’t trick them. It provides real value in exchange for nothing, it doesn’t (because it cannot) force people to interact. It uses data to guide its approach and rides the inevitable wave of change rather than being crushed beneath it.

My digital marketing principles:

  • If you lose clarity, you lose your audience. Give people what they want. Fast.
  • Make it easy for people and reduce friction.
  • Assume your audience is at least as smart, savvy, and impatient as you are.
  • Be guided by your customers through data, not what your gut or authority thinks is best.
  • Be ready to humbly adapt to inevitable and unpredictable changes in the digital space.
  • Analyze, optimize, test, and analyze again.

Now I’ll explain how and why Visor’s own way of doing things resonated so strongly with me.

Why I Chose Visor

Visor’s Product-Led Growth Model

Firstly, Visor’s growth is and has been driven by the trust customers have in their product, the team behind that product, and the continuously-escalating value that customers derive from using it. 

Instead of a bare-bones free offering or lengthy contracts, Visor’s free package has everything project managers and other users need to share data from their systems (like Jira) with internal and external stakeholders in a format they can understand. 

This aligned perfectly with my own digital marketing principles, of giving people value immediately, without trying to trick or trap them. 

Putting the emphasis on maximizing how much value customers get from the product also creates so many interesting opportunities for marketing to play its part, instead of us trying to force a customer to get the product, we’re focused on helping them to get more value from the product.

Focus on Impact and Voice of Customers

Secondly, I’ve seen how influential Visor’s customers are in shaping and improving the product, either through direct feedback and insight or through usage data analyzed by the product team. 

I’m not sure if your experience is the same, but I think it’s rare to see the value of the product to the customer prioritized way above the value of that customer to the organization’s bottom line. Lots of companies talk the talk, but Visor actually does it. 

This fits perfectly with my own feelings on using customer responses and usage data to humbly shape how your marketing is done. 

Glowing Customer Reviews

The reviews and testimonials of customers were also really influential upon my decision. 

There is little worse than marketing a product that no one loves. You feel like you’re constantly making excuses or hiding inconvenient truths from the audience. Not good, and not in line with the principles that I’ve seen be successful. 

Instead, as you can see from these Visor case studies, people are achieving so much with the product. Visor is having a huge positive impact on them, their colleagues, and organizations. They literally light up when they talk about it. 

Google “Visor software reviews” and you’ll see five stars everywhere. To have such a passionate set of customers is a blessing for marketers, and a credit to the dedication of the Visor team.

A Thorough, Transparent and Supportive Hiring Process

Lastly, I was really impressed by the hiring process at Visor. I was given so much information throughout on what the purpose of each interview stage was, preparation tips, what to expect, and plenty of feedback afterwards. 

It is all part of Visor’s “Hire Humanely” approach, which really does ensure each candidate is respected and given transparency at all stages. It just went to reinforce the sense that Visor’s team had the kind of values that everyone should want to emulate and embody.

Why I’m Confident I Made the Right Choice

Visor is the type of software I would want to use, from the sort of people I would want to transact and work with. Their guiding ethos is all about integrity to both their customers and colleagues. 

I’ve heard plenty of organizations preach honesty and integrity, but I’ve yet to see any practice it with the rigor and authenticity that Visor does. They really mean it and don’t compromise on it. 

Deciding to jump in right away still wasn’t easy, of course. I’m sure you can empathize with those doubts under the looming shadow of change and uncertainty, your subconscious trying to steer you back towards the comfort and security of what is familiar.  

But since I stepped off that board and into the (relative) unknown I’ve been continuously reassured by what I’ve seen, excited by the possibilities ahead, and happy to be among such a genuinely dedicated group of people. 

If you’re interested in joining a fantastic team working together on an amazing product, see what opportunities are available at Visor careers.

And if you manage projects of any kind, and struggle sharing and collaborating with people inside or outside your organization, take a look at Visor and give it a try completely free.

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