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Engineering Breakdown: Shortcut Through Visor (Part 1)

What happens after a launch?

Who would have thought that a launch brings in users? Well, we should’ve seen this coming. Since Sept. 29, 2021, our interactions with our users have skyrocketed. It’s thrilling to witness a dream of helping people collaborate between disparate software silos.

And the learnings from our users just over the past two weeks is insightful. From talking to customers directly, to shuffling through countless feedback tickets, we listened intently so that we can make impactful decisions and prioritize the features our users want.

I’m excited to report that we noticed some patterns in your feedback, and now it’s time to implement our findings and research.

What are users saying?

Our new users are whizzing through Visor. They’re constantly adding new fields, moving data around, and personalizing their workbooks to get information across easily. And once their views are perfect, they share them with their colleagues, run meetings, and make decisions rapidly. This tells us two things about how our users are engaging with their data: easily and quickly.

And of course, our users are asking for more ease and speed. They’re:

  1. Smashing “shift+space” keys to select the entire row to copy it
  2. Using “home” and “end” keys to navigate across their spreadsheets quickly
  3. Pressing “ctrl+d” keys to paste clipboard values down

We’ve realized that our clientele is among the savviest keyboard shortcut users in the world—something we should’ve seen before. And that excites us, because our users are power users.

You want to engage with your data faster. And you’re already expecting us to allow it.

So, what are we doing about it?

While we’ve made some improvements to our keyboard functionality as part of various updates, we’ve now decided to focus on making Visor a paradise for the keyboard-shortcut savvy. Everything from supporting features like “shift+space” for selecting an entire row, to autofocusing search boxes in our various integration workflows.

Our goal is to let you navigate Visor without a mouse, and we know it’s going to take us time to get there.

What should you expect?

Look out for a blog post series on how Visor engineering is tackling not only this project but similar ones that come up on the Visor Roadmap. Making Visor a keyboard-shortcut paradise is just the first; the possibilities are endless! I’m excited to explore this series with our greater community, and hear your thoughts on how Visor engineers these solutions. Stay tuned for more!

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