Create roadmaps from your jira data

Plan, collaborate, and share Jira data with flexibility

Put an end to disconnected spreadsheets and powerpoints. Run faster standups. Create and share live dashboards. Customize & improve the way you work.

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Jira roadmap that syncs

Powered by a flexible spreadsheet

Speed & agility are built in. You are in complete control of what fields to show from Jira and what custom information you need to add (no need to contact your Jira Administrator). Make bulk updates to your Jira Issues that you can sync whenever you're ready.

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Create Views for Anyone - No Jira Account Required

You can quickly set up views for each of your team members (or stakeholders) so everyone can see the project's status in real-time. You can even embed your Visor workbook in Confluence or Notion to provide access where your team already works.

I'm Done Answering "What's our Status?"
Jira data as a roadmap using a gantt view
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We're an official Atlassian partner on a mission to end copy-paste drama.
Visor keeps your spreadsheet data in sync with your Jira data so you can focus on work, not data entry.

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Elegant drag & drop roadmaps

Make your work pop! Easily create roadmaps that look great and are fun to use.  As you drag, Visor changes dates that sync to Jira.  And changes made in Jira can sync and update your roadmap in realtime.

Create Your Roadmap in Minutes
Jira data as a roadmap using a gantt view
Jira roadmap that syncs

Superior integration reliability

Visor has the most trusted and reliable syncing to Jira. It even replicates your Jira nesting, like epics, stories, and tasks. No more finger crossing and error emails! Set your spreadsheet up once, and let Visor keep your views in sync with changes in Jira. Or make changes in Visor, and then sync them back to Jira when you're ready.

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Visor is an official Atlassian Marketplace partner.

Visor Flexible Spreadsheet for Jira Roadmapping & Bulk Edits

Visor's Jira integration is listed on the Atlassian Marketplace as an official partner. Get started for free.
Premium plans start at $9 per month.

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You bring the secret formula.

 We'll bring the live data.

Stop wasting time making one-off spreadsheets or handmade diagrams. Visor has 
all the flexibility you need to tell the story your own way using live data
 from your sources of truth.