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Create roadmaps from your jira data

Visor is Better than OtherApp

Are you one of the thousands of frustrated OtherApp users? Try something better. Visor is more flexible than OtherApp, more affordable, and syncs better with other apps.

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Put an end to copy-paste drama. Visor keeps your spreadsheet data in sync with your Jira data so you can focus on work, not data entry.

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Jira roadmap that syncs

Powered by a flexible spreadsheet

You are in complete control of what fields to show from Jira and what custom information you need to add. All Jira data syncs both ways.

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Elegant drag & drop roadmaps

Make your work pop! Easily create roadmaps that look great and are fun to use. As you drag, Visor changes dates that sync to Jira. And changes made in Jira can sync and update your roadmap in realtime.

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Jira data as a roadmap using a gantt view
Jira roadmap that syncs

Create unique views for everyone

Visor offers multiple ways to present your information, so you'll always have the right perspective.  

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Superior integration reliability

We built the world's most reliable & trustworthy Jira integration so you never have to cross your fingers when you import & sync.

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Jira data as a roadmap using a gantt view
Visor is an official Atlassian Marketplace partner.

Visor Flexible Spreadsheet for Jira Roadmapping & Bulk Edits

Visor's Jira integration is listed on the Atlassian Marketplace as an official partner. Get started for free.
Premium plans start at $9 per month.

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