Flexibility to work exactly how you want

See, edit, and share connected SaaS app data your way

Native two-way syncing with your team's SaaS apps

Combine SaaS app data with your own custom columns

The only limit on workflow flexibility is your imagination. Build new ways of collaborating that include your SaaS app data plus custom columns you create.

Filter down to what matters most

Help your collaborators focus on exactly what you want them to see. Quickly filter to create perfect slices of information for editing or sharing.  

Go shallow or deep with nesting

Show a birds-eye view one minute and an “in-the-weeds” view the next. Establish hierarchies and relationships in your records to keep things simple and connected.

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Get presentation-ready in seconds

Your clients, colleagues, and c-suite will get the message. Set up conditional formatting on your connected fields to create easily digestible visuals for your collaborators.

Interactive Gantts and timelines on your schedule

Take control of what dates you’re sharing, even when the SaaS app data isn’t perfectly clean. Set up Gantt views powered by data from SaaS apps or your custom visor fields (or both!).

Syncing only happens when you’re ready

Set up your workbooks to pull data on a schedule, or just run pulls & pushes when you want. Easily use Visor to push bulk updates to your SaaS apps.