Stop wasting time with add-ons & automations

Visor's two-way integrations are seamless and complete

Native two-way syncing with your team's SaaS apps

See and edit your SaaS app data

No other product on the market today has true bi-directional integration. Beyond reporting and dashboards, build your own custom way of working with data from other SaaS apps.

Screenshot showing Visor's "Has changes to push" cell message
Screenshot showing Visor's Sync Jira fields in selected rows dropdown option

You control when data syncs

Life is flexible; so is Visor. Explore scenarios and push when you’re ready. Or revert back without syncing!

Sync with Confidence

 See clear confirmations of what synced. And get helpful tips about what might need your attention.

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Put an end to the data chaos with Visor today.
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All the advanced fields your workflow needs

Other integrations only support basic fields, like text, dates, and numbers. Visor supports advanced fields you need to work.

Pick your sync direction

Not ready to push? Pick “pull-only” to keep your changes in Visor while getting the latest from your SaaS apps. You can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

Screenshot showing Visor's Sync Options
Screenshot showing Visor's Import preview

Keep pulling in what matters with saved imports

Get your data into Visor with just a few clicks. Our no-code importer allows you to fetch only the data you want without writing any code. And saves imports make it easy to keep pulling the latest.

Combine data from multiple SaaS apps

Set up a workbook with more than one connection to get insights you never could before. Visor makes multi-app workflows simple and powerful.

Screenshot showing a Visor workbook with multiple connections