Why Visor?

Teams looking to tell the story of their information often resort to spreadsheets like this:

But these spreadsheets make it hard to give different stakeholders different views.

Visor vs Other Planning Tools

Other products on the market, the non-spreadsheet solutions, are opinionated on the “right way” your team should organize. They force you to learn, then adapt their way of doing it, which doesn't work for most established team leads.

Visor uses the familiarity of spreadsheets to get you and your team up and running quickly, with the flexibility you need to continue planning they way that works for you. Where Visor wins out over the other planning tools, including Google Sheets and Excel are:

  • Visor allows you to view and edit your data in two ways – Table and Timeline. If you create a table of projects, a timeline view is generated automatically (and vice-versa).
  • Regardless of how many tabs you create in a Workbook, all project metadata is shared between them. This means that you need only to update project information once, like the status or end date, and all tabs that share this project will update automatically.
  • Visor allows you to label, color, and filter your projects and data based on any criteria you'd like (even data that comes in directly from Jira). This means you can easily manage what and how you share with different viewers/ collaborators.
  • Visor’s bidirectional syncing with Jira is direct, reliable, and breeze to connect. This means that your data is always up-to-date (and only needs to be updated once, either in Jira or in Visor) to be reflected in both.

Key Features


Multiple views of your data

In Visor Workbooks, each tab is another view of the same data. This way you can tell the story of your information appropriately for different collaborators.



If you can create a spreadsheet you already know how you use Visor. Visor Tables offer a compact view of your data, allowing you to sort, filter, and format any way you choose.


Timeline & Gantt

Timelines are the most visual way to plan, making it easy to assess your team's bandwidth & velocity.


Connecting with Jira

Connect projects in Visor to Jira with a few clicks (not code). You can link Epics, Stories, Tasks, Subtasks, and more, automatically pulling fields like Status and Due Date into Visor.