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We believe in the power of telling a great story.

Here is ours:

You need access to timely information to make good decisions.

Visor makes it effortless to pull data from multiple sources and make flexible views. Powerful two-way syncing ensures your information is always up-to-date everywhere.

People and data have spread out. This makes collaboration tougher than ever.

Visor is the place where teams come together to explore, edit, discuss, and share data from their sources of truth.

Competing tools waste your time and risk your data by offering sub-standard integration experiences.

Visor was designed from the ground-up to deliver an intuitive, reliable way to work with data from any source.
How does Visor deliver a better experience?
It's technical.

When this is your livelihood, the details matter.

It's just a "Sort" button. You've seen them everywhere. You know what it does, right? But this one is different.

Take this special field from Jira: the Key field. Jira sends this value as plain text. But Keys in Jira are a combination of two parts: a short project alphanumeric identifier ("ND") and a number ("62"). The problem is, sorting these alphabetically would put ND-100 before ND-9, because 1 comes before 9. Try sorting values like this in any other spreadsheet and see what happens (or just click here). Spoiler: it's a disappointment.

Visor is different. It recognizes this special field from Jira and sorts it first by the project identifiers (alphabetically) and then by the numbers (numerically). This yields the results you would expect: ND-9 comes before ND-61, followed by ND-100 and then ND-1900

This may seem subtle, but when you're under pressure, details like this make all the difference. That's why we built Visor with thousands of thoughtful details like this one, which deeply understand the data you're working with and how you'll want to use it. This is why Visor offers such an immersive integration experience, which helps you work seamlessly across all the apps that run your business.

Visor's proprietary graph database powers a lightning-fast way of linking and syncing.

When we began, we envisioned a new type of solution that treated data from other sources just as well as data created internally. It is clear that this is what modern users expect in a world where they routinely work across multiple applications. We wondered why nobody before had built anything like that. Once we started building, we realized why: it's rather difficult to use existing tools and methods to make something so dynamic.

So we got creative and invented our own tools. One critical component is CloudStore, a graph database that automatically syncs itself.  Graph databases are useful when you care most about how data connects with one another. What makes ours unique is that it automatically detects changes and keeps everyone else up-to-date. And sometimes the changes it detects trigger special events, like syncs.

This powerful new technology allows Visor to offer you and your colleagues a fast, friendly way to work with your data across boundaries. And with an eye to the future, the data will form the basis of the Visor knowledge graph, which will power sophisticated AI that helps you reason about data across your entire company. To read more about CloudStore, visit our blog.

It turns out that in data, as well as business, relationships are what matter most.

We cooked up a universal way to think about data from different sources, so you don't have to.

We call it a CAIC (pronounced like "Cake"), which is short for Connected App Integration Configuration. For every app you link to Visor, we build a CAIC for that new app. That tells Visor about the things you can pull in from (or push to) that app and what fields and properties it supports.

Using this information, Visor can show you the right type of field and ensure that data you put in the field is valid to sync. Of course, all of this is CAIC building is done back in the kitchen, so you get to enjoy the result without getting any flour on your apron.

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