Case Study: Ginny Bishop Consulting

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Ginny Bishop Consulting Empowers Clients with “Beautiful” Projects Using Visor

Visor’s Impact


Hours saved per project on presentation and formatting


Decrease in clients’ time-to-value


Increase in highly satisfied clients

“Visor tells your whole story to key stakeholders. It brings everything together, in a highly appealing, visual way. This makes your plans compelling and understood by everyone.”

Ginny Bishop
Founder & CEO
Ginny Bishop Consulting

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Ginny Bishop, founder of the eponymous Ginny Bishop Consulting, advises non-profits across the US on fundraising, communications, leadership coaching and strategic planning.  

A core part of her work is creating long-term funding and growth plans, with all the necessary subtasks and detail you would expect from a thorough, properly designed project. 

Ginny helps non-profits have a greater impact by adopting structured approaches to long term planning which are more commonplace in for-profit organizations.


Ginny needs her clients to instantly understand and connect with the project plans she creates. This helps them to fully embrace, and then take ownership of those projects once handed over.

She frequently found that project management processes and systems were overwhelming and intimidating to them.

Ginny needed a solution that could present relatively complex, multi-year plans in a format that could be understood, felt familiar, and was easy for her clients to pick up and run with. That way, they could get the maximum value from them.

Further Challenges

Ginny took most people’s first port of call in a situation like this and tried to use spreadsheets. 

These were a temporary fix, but resulted in hours of extra work, creating a view that merely impersonated the project plans in her project management system. Added to this were the hours spent keeping the data in her project management system and spreadsheets aligned. 

Unfortunately, these spreadsheets ultimately lacked the depth, detail, and dexterity of a plan in a project management system, no matter how much formatting and formulation she applied.

They just weren’t that impressive or exciting to clients either. They didn’t have the wow factor during presentations to committees and boards. They were not easy or intuitive to use, and like many complex spreadsheets, they were prone to breaking.

So once again, Ginny went on the hunt for a solution that would let her share her ideas in a clear, easy-to-update way. 


Searching online, Ginny came across Visor. It was exactly what she had been looking for. Visor integrated with her project management system, but unlike a spreadsheet, or many similar apps available, Visor retained all the intricacies, linkages, and even the distinct characteristics of each field in her project management system. 

Ginny could now use Visor to translate complex projects into familiar, colorful and – in Ginny’s words “beautiful” – Gantt charts.

For stakeholders who prefer a different view, Ginny can quickly add a board, table or timeline. Each view uses the same synchronized data, so people can view and update the project through a different lens, but they are all still working with the same information. Views for teams or individuals can be refined even more by adding filters.


Ginny shared that both she and her clients love Visor. 

Plans and their details, for example task statuses and priorities, can be absorbed faster by using colorful formatting.

The intuitive interface, and ease of dragging and dropping elements into place saves time, and makes it easier for clients to get involved from the get-go. 

Being able to create multiple synced views for the same project, and to filter plans to groups of tasks, owners or themes, means that finding the best fit for any client, group of stakeholders or individual is now a matter of a few clicks, instead of hours of work. 

“The customer support from Visor has been outstanding.”

Now when Ginny unveils projects to clients using Visor, they are impressed but not intimidated. Curious, rather than confused. 

Clients were able to adopt the more structured, planned out ways of working that Ginny’s consulting work offered.

They found this change liberating, because details were in into project plans, not in somebody’s head, or hidden away in a document somewhere.

Visor has helped Ginny have a more immediate and sustained positive impact with her clients and further differentiate her service from others. Projects run more smoothly and clients stay more engaged throughout.

Elevate your own projects

If you are a consultant or project manager, you too can use Visor now to transform overwhelming projects into beautiful views, which jump off the screen and resonate instantly with clients and colleagues alike.

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