Jira Roundup: Visor Customers

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Delighting Stakeholders & Saving Time:

How Visor Transforms Jira for These PMs

Visor’s Impact:


less time making Gantts, roadmaps, and spreadsheets for stakeholders


extra Jira licenses needed to share real-time Jira data with unlimited stakeholders


reduction in time spent editing and updating reports that share Jira project data

“Visor makes it easy to share accurate visualizations of my Jira project data to stakeholders who don’t use Jira. Thanks to Visor’s two-way Jira syncing, I can share Gantt charts and spreadsheets that reflect my single source of truth.”

Fabricio Breciano
Director of Product Management
at On.Energy

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To showcase how project and product managers using Jira can delight stakeholders, we’ve rounded up a few Visor customers and their use cases.

Discover how these Visor customers:

  • Share accurate Jira data with stakeholders, even if they don’t use Jira
  • Gain alignment by creating easy-to-understand visualizations
  • Eliminate the manual work of updating data and reports

Sharing Accurate and Secure Jira Data

Providing up-to-date project data is critical to effective cross-team collaboration and building stakeholder trust. However, many project and product managers collaborate with colleagues who can’t access Jira or are unwilling to learn it. Visor helps solve that problem.

Visor’s bi-directional syncing makes it easy to visualize your most recent Jira data.

When importing projects to Visor, you can also maintain the same nesting hierarchy (e.g., parent/child relationships) that you set up in Jira, allowing you to be confident that everyone is looking at the same single source of truth.

I’ve tried just about every roadmapping platform you can think of, and Visor is the first one that allows me to roadmap at both the epic and story/issue level, displaying at those discrete levels for different audiences, as well as swim lane out in whatever custom structure I want.”

 Kemper Ramsey, Product Manager, AdAction

Visor’s filter features also makes it easy to create different views for different audiences, allowing you to provide the right level of detail for each set of stakeholders.

Create a high-level Gantt chart for your CEO using the same dataset you use to prioritize your backlog in a spreadsheet. You can control the data your stakeholders will (and won’t) see, which is especially helpful when sharing data with clients outside your organization.

Visor’s permissions features also allow you to choose whether collaborators can view, comment, or edit your data; you can also protect certain fields to safeguard your data.

Achieving Alignment With Spreadsheets & Gantts

Nothing gets everyone on the same page more than a visual representation of a project. By adding color to spreadsheets, roadmaps, and Gantt charts, you make your data instantly easy to understand.

Visor’s bi-directional Jira integration and conditional formatting make it easy to transform your nested data into a colorful visualization you’ll want to share. You can even choose the exact RGB or HEX code you’d like.

Visor for Jira enhances collaboration and project planning with its intuitive interface and integrated Gantt chart feature. Navigating through projects and finding issues is effortless, while real-time collaboration tools foster effective communication.

 Shruti Pawar, Project Manager at Turtlemint

You can also provide clarity and context to your Jira data by using Visor’s custom fields. For example, if a feature is delayed by two weeks, you can add a custom field explaining why for the executive, marketing, or customer success team.

By making easy-to-understand reports and providing extra context, you can avoid getting constant requests on Slack or email with questions for updates or more information.

Eliminating Manual Work & Stale Data

Project managers waste a lot of time creating multiple presentations for different audiences or making rounds of changes to dates, tasks, and deadlines. Visor helps you avoid all that. 

Once you securely import your Jira data, you can create multiple views using the same connected data — no need to copy and paste data into numerous tables in Excel or Google Sheets. Furthermore, the data will stay fresh because Visor stays in sync with Jira. 

However, if you do want to export your data out of Visor, you can. Visor provides embed codes and export options, like CSV and PDF file formats.

“Visor is a great project management tool. It helps me keep instant tabs and a snapshot view of all happenings on my team projects. I can be in charge and see through the updated work status within my project teams.”

 Patrick Esoro, Project Manager, Webster Bank.

Additionally, you can simplify tedious tasks like large batch changes to your “priority levels” and start and end dates simultaneously. Eliminating the manual work of updating individual issues is a huge timesaver, especially when managing large projects.