Jira Roadmap Examples and How to Create Jira Roadmap

Jira Roadmaps that You Can Share With Anyone

Visor’s bi-directional Jira integration makes it easy to create and share roadmaps that stay accurate. Add color, filters, and milestones before sharing. Visor is an officially listed Atlassian Marketplace app for Jira.

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Why Create Jira Roadmaps with Visor
(+ Jira Roadmap Examples):

Visor is an officially listed Atlassian Marketplace app for Jira.

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Quick and Easy Jira Integration Setup

Visor provides a secure connection to Jira with fewer steps than other apps. Import your nested Jira data in just a few minutes. Visor also supports JQL.

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Jira Roadmaps that Display and Filter Nested Data

Visor stays in sync with Jira, allowing you to visualize data hierarchies (e.g., epics, stories, tasks, substasks). Add filters to help stakeholders get the right level of detail.

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Drag-and-Drop Simplicity and Color Coding

Visor provides an intuitive interface that makes creating a Gantt easy. Add color with conditional formatting to make your chart easy to understand at first glance.

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Make Multiple Views to Share with Stakeholders

Visor’s filtering and formatting makes it easy to create different views for different audiences. Unlimited view-only access makes sharing easy and economical.

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Visor: Jira Spreadsheet & Gantt Chart for
Roadmaps & Data Reports

Visor’s flexible bi-directional Jira integration allows project managers to make reports with live data.
Discover why PMs love us.

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Jira Roadmap Examples

With Visor, you can choose the HEX colors you want for your Jira Roadmaps.
Add formatting and filter your nested Jira data before sharing with whoever you please.

Video Tutorial:
Make Jira Roadmaps & Gantts with Visor

Features That Unify Teams & Data

Explore all the Visor features that unleash efficiency and foster alignment.

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Two-way Jira Syncing

Visor honors Jira nesting, making it easy to import, visualize, and edit Jira data.

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Easy Drag-and-Drop

Anyone can use Visor’s flexible and intuitive workspace. Getting started is simple and easy.

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Accurate Custom Views

Create spreadsheets, Gantts, and other views that stay accurate without manual work.

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Share, edit, and sort through project data using Visor’s table view.

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Jira Roadmaps & Gantts

Create colorful Gantt charts and roadmaps that share the level of detail that your audience needs.

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Timeline Charts

Agile teams can see who is doing what with Timeline’s swimlanes and Jira Sprint fields.

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Connected Fields

Visor connects to 75+ types of Jira fields and Jira nesting. Import Epics, Stories, Tasks, and more.

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Custom Fields

Provide additional information along with your Jira data using custom fields.

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Secure Sharing

Decide who gets edit, comment, or view access to your data and what data is un-editable.

Verified Reviews

“Visor is so much more flexible than any other JIRA-integrated roadmapping software I’ve used.” 🤩

Kemper R.,
Atlassian reviewer

“Visor for JIRA has transformed our team’s collaboration and workflow efficiency.”


Verified G2 reviewer

“Excellent customization and easy to use. I can tailor Visor to my exact needs.”


Camila B.,
G2 reviewer

“Visor enhances collaboration and project planning with its intuitive interface and integrated Gantt chart.”

Shruti P.,
Atlassian reviewer

FAQs for Visor’s Jira Roadmap

Is Visor a Jira Roadmap Tool?

Yes, because Visor offers a bi-directional Jira integration and a Gantt chart view, you can use Visor as a Jira roadmap tool. Unlike Jira roadmap plug-ins, Visor is a standalone app that you can give anyone access to (even if they don’t have access to your Jira instance).

Visor also offers a Jira spreadsheet, filtering, formatting, and other helpful Jira visualization features.

Can I use Visor as a Jira Gantt Roadmap?

Visor offers a Gantt view, allowing you to make a Jira Gantt or Jira Roadmap.

Historically, Gantt charts are used to show more detailed project plans, while roadmaps are for more high-level strategy work. Because Visor offers filtering and formatting, you can visualize the nitty-gritty details in one Jira Gantt Roadmap and then zoom out in another Jira Gantt Roadmap.

Visor offers Custom Views, which allow you to visualize the same Jira data in different ways. So, making many different Jira Gantts and Jira Roadmaps is very easy. You can also decide who gets access to what.

Does Visor make an Atlassian Jira Roadmap?

Atlassian offers two built-in Jira Roadmaps: Timeline and Advanced Roadmaps.

Timeline is free but doesn’t allow you to pull one more than one epic, visualize subtasks, along with other limitations. Advanced Roadmaps is available with Atlassian Jira’s Premium plan (or higher). Both of these options make sharing roadmaps with other Jira users easy, but you may encounter challenges sharing with non-Jira users.

Visor is not a built-in Atlassian Jira Roadmap, but because Visor syncs with nested Jira data, you can create Jira Roadmaps that stay accurate and that you can share with whoever you want.

Is Visor’s Jira Gantt Chart and Roadmap free?

Visor is totally free to get started with. You can create a Jira Roadmap and Jira Gantt chart for free with Visor. To check out what’s included in our free and paid plans, check out our pricing page.

How is Visor different than creating Roadmaps in Visor?

Visor allows you to create Jira Roadmaps that you can share with anyone — even non-Jira users. Also, has fewer free limitations than Jira’s free Timeline Roadmap option has.

Does Visor offer any other integrations?

Visor offers a Jira integration, along with a HubSpot and Salesforce integration.

With Visor, you can combine data from your SaaS apps in one spreadsheet. For instance, if you want a Jira Salesforce integration, you can pull in data from both of these apps and work with them in one spreadsheet.

When comparing Jira Timeline vs. Advanced Roadmaps, how does Visor compare?

We wrote an in-depth blog post comparing Jira Timeline vs. Advanced Roadmaps. There are limitations for both of these options. Jira Timeline is free, but doesn’t allow you to import multiple epics of visualize subtasks. Advanced Roadmaps requires at least a Premium Jira subscription and is best for sharing roadmaps with fellow Jira users.

Visor’s free plan, on the other hand, does not have any of these limitations.

Have another question?

If you have any more questions, they may be answered in our Knowledge Base. Otherwise feel free to reach out to us. Our email is support@visor.us. We’d love to hear from you!