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Create roadmaps from your jira data

Stunning Gantt Charts with Jira Data

In seconds, create beautiful interactive gantt charts based on your Jira data. Visor's is an officially listed Atlassian marketplace app for Jira. Our two-way integration is reliable & easy. See why thousands trust Visor.  Try our free plan, or upgrade starting at $9 per month.

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Gantts that Sync Back to Jira

As you drag items on a Visor gantt, you can sync changes back to your Jira data. And vice versa!  So your views are always in sync.

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Jira roadmap that syncs

Gorgeous Gantt Views Make Your Work Pop

Try the gantt chart that allows you to include epics, stories, tasks, and more. Visor's gantt charts make your work look beautiful and elegant. Get your ideas across more easily with conditional formatting.

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Create Multiple Views Using Different Colors & Data

Communicating plans is tough. Everyone wants their own perspective. Visor makes your life easier by offering multiple live views of the same gantt, each with different colors, filters, sorting, and hierarchies. Build them once and then let Visor keep them in sync with your Jira data.

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Jira data as a roadmap using a gantt view
Jira roadmap that syncs

Interactive Drag & Drop

Speed and agility are built-in.  Visor is powered by a spreadsheet. And you can drag & drop on the gantt to get your plan just right.  Great for exploring "what-ifs." All the views in Visor stay in sync, so you only have one source of truth. Built for all teams, including waterfall and agile.

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Visor Keeps Your Jira Data Fresh

Visor has the most trusted and reliable syncing to Jira. It even replicates your Jira nesting, like epics, stories, and tasks. No more finger crossing and error emails! Build your gantt once, and let Visor keep your view in sync with changes in Jira. Or make changes in Visor, and then sync them back to Jira when you're ready.

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Jira data as a roadmap using a gantt view
Visor is an official Atlassian Marketplace partner.

Visor Flexible Spreadsheet for Jira Roadmapping & Bulk Edits

Visor's Jira integration is listed on the Atlassian Marketplace as an official partner. Get started for free.
Premium plans start at $9 per month.

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