otr podcast guest rodney nissen "the jira guy"

Rodney Nissen Open Up on Career, Resilience, & Being the Jira Guy

This week on Visor’s “On the Roadmap” podcast, host Rae Foote chats with guest (and fellow Atlassian Creator), Rodney Nissen, aka “The Jira Guy“.

The pair delved into their experience in tech, dealing with topics such as: 

  • imposter syndrome
  • self-employment pressures
  • the transformative power of building a platform

On the Roadmap Episode Overview

The talk was far-ranging and personal, with Rodney and Rae both opening up about finding success despite facing adversity. Rodney also shared how he’s living and overcoming expectations while disabled.

“Never let anyone tell you what your limits are because they don’t know you like you know yourself.  If someone tells you you can’t do something, that’s your challenge. That’s now what your driving goal is, to prove them wrong.”

– Rodney Nissen (AKA: “The Jira Guy)

Watch the Episode with Guest Rodney Nissen

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